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30th November 2021 - Champagne campaign

United Kingdom
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I had a couple of new gaming arrivals in the house when I returned from London, of which more anon, but decided this afternoon to settle down with one of my old favourites which has been given a new lease of life by the solo campaign variant, namely Jump Drive. I had yet to come close to winning the Basics Campaign, the only one I have tried, but on this occasion I had the luxury of time and, therefore, of thought.

Each campaign begins with four possible victory conditions, but each can only be achieved the once, narrowing down those criteria until, if you make it as far as game four, you get only the single target to hit. Sure enough, my first game did not cause me too much trouble, my 48 points gaining me the Discoverer achievement with enough breathing space to give me a little confidence.

From gallery of nickster1970

A good start.

In game two I got my Novelty Worlds in a row and allied them with a couple of Consumer Markets to reap plenty of points despite a slow start for a total of 72 and a Peaceful Victory. Two victory conditions were now ticked off with only a couple left, and this, surely, was where things were going to get tough.

Somehow, though, in game three I managed to put together an all conquering Military tableau for a whopping 105 points and then found myself with an important decision to make - given that my cards fulfilled both of the remaining victory conditions I needed to choose one goal to tick off and one to leave as the target for my last game. I went for the Great Victory, which left me with a Military Victory to aim for in my final run, something that requires 50 points or more and Military strength of at least 8.

From gallery of nickster1970

A Novel approach.

By the penultimate round of the campaign I had 35 points and 5 Military, so it was going to be close, but I was drawing ten or so cards at the end of each turn by this stage, so I drew and hoped for a card to combine Military strength with points for the win. An Alien Military world was there to take me over the line as far as my armies were concerned, but I had to combine it with a measly 1-cost development for the final point, and as a result I just achieved the required criteria with a score of 50 and a Military strength of 9. The campaign was defeated - barely - and it was a completely enjoyable experience, all wrapped up in just over half an hour, so now it is time to think about tackling the Planned Empire Campaign.

Happy gaming!
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