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Risky vs Not Risky

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Every homo sapiens needs an outbuilding within the curtelage of their property
Welcome...to my Shed!
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The Tuffley-based 'Gloucester Tabletop Gaming Community' celebrated its third birthday yesterday; there were speeches (apparently), cake and a group photo:
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It's a shame that the roleplayers - who formed a small branch of the club hidden away in the mildew-ed, musty 'Snooker Room' - weren't around; they've been 'banned' by the Community Centre for infractions of 'drink policy' and leaving liquid ring stains on the baize. The story is a bit muddled - and filled with outrage from innocent parties - and I know this because I'm now delivering Fred and Adam to an industrial unit a mile down the road for their Tuesday night fantasy fix.

Tom brought donuts - not 'Krispy Kreme' but 'Tim Something', the differentiation is very important to connoisseurs of the fried bakery good. I had an iced, cinnamon-dusted and brown sauce-oozing thing that was very tasty but has completed my allowable sugar limit for the next week.
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Lighter games was the requirement, so I complied (mostly) with fayre like Tea, Scones, and ARSENIC, DANY (aka 'Sexy Dixit'), A game about WEE WHIMSICAL CREATURES and trying to identify them after someone makes noises. and King Thief Minister. I also snuck in Northern Pacific and Free Ride because 'Trains' and I couldn't wholly commit to playing 'fillers' for three hours. As it turned out, Northern Pacific snuck in after some poisoned biscuit-dunking fun but sexy Dixit fell apart after Dale "accidentally" revealed his hidden role during an early round and they weren't going to let me besmirch the festivities with a Friedemann Friese!

Cryptid - a club favourite for sure - made an appearance the general delight of Cheltenham Nick for whom it was a new experience; he was the only player to remain pretty much off the board with 'Yes' markers and deduced our 'easier' clues against his own 'within two of Cougars'. No-one bit at my 'What's the difference between Bears and Cougars' riposte ("One's got a beard, one likes toyboys") so we hurried, quickly, on to the 'take that' flummery that is Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy. Truck Off is about allocating 'vans' to venues to earn money by selling your particular thematic refreshments then using a mini deck of cards - all players have the same - to interfere with the others, re-roll 'shared profit' dice and so on. It's not complex and has enough dickery in its DNA to keep the young-at-heart happy; I rather enjoyed it despite being quote "bloody old".

We closed with both gamer tables uniting for Wavelength, which is where today's title originates: Dale, gifted with "Very Risky vs Not Risky" and a '4' in the "Very" 25%, clued "Juggling with Blunt Knives" when - thanks to a suggestion from the opposition - perhaps "Tonguing a Shark" would've been a clearer hint. Mind you, Tom's card of 'Dirty vs Not Dirty' was greeted with a cry of "Your Mum!", which very nearly brought the house down. There was an emerging discussion that everyone is a bit sick of Codenames - largely due to the long, thoughtful Spymaster pauses - and that the ribaldry and interaction that accompanies more direct genre-clones like Wavelength and Decrypto (and not forgetting the glorious noise of Balderdash) is far more satisfying. Certainly, the spaces between the actions are a problem criticism was also directed at DANY not an hour earlier.

Who'd have thought that simple, party games were so damn complicated?!
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