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4th December 2021 - Muddying the waters

United Kingdom
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I was up fairly early this morning despite a late arrival back at the house following a gig with one of my bands, the first time I have been out and playing this way for over a year. This used to be a more or less weekly occurrence, so it felt good to be back after so long away, and the next outing (although with a different band) is next week, Omicron permitting.

As far as tackling threats goes, I took double aim at the Shelf Of Opportunity and various tanks this morning as I set out Pocket Landship for an exploratory first play on the kitchen table. I have been interested in this game ever since its earliest days as a PnP but this was my first chance to experience it in the flesh, even though I have sniffed round it many times.

The game is pretty easy to play - you roll three dice (usually) and assign the results to your cards, which represent your tank's hull, cannon and sponsons or shock troops. Then your enemy does the same as its cards descend in a 3x3 grid, like very slow and muddy Space Invaders, and the attrition begins. The player gets a card or two with one-off abilites to help them on their way, and at a certain point a final battle begins when neither side can repair any more.

It is quick and simple to learn and play, which makes it ideal for me at the moment, and I had a good time with it first time out, even if I did that first play thing of reading just enough of the rules to get things up and running without reading quite enough of the rules to play it absolutely correctly. I ran out to an easy and rather undramatic win and then had another look through the rules to make sure that everything had been done as it the designer had intended, but it had not...

There in big, bold letters on the middle of the booklet is the dictum If your Hull or Cannon card is destroyed, you lose the game. which I had utterly ignored, meaning that my gallant crew had been going through the motions a little like the Ant Hill Mob in that split second between their car disintegrating and their realising it. It seems only fair to the game that I should play it again correctly, partially because that would seem to be the right thing to do in order to have a proper assessment of how the game feels, but also because - far more importantly - I did not win after all, so I need to wreak my revenge.

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Hull on earth.

Happy gaming!
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