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Brandywine (Knyphausen's Attack)

Captain Nemo
United Kingdom
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The initial cannonade caused the American light cannon in the centre to retreat, which raised the interesting question of if it could fire during the cannonade as it had moved. We ruled it could. One hit was inflicted on the light British cannon on their left. And so to battle.

The attack started with the elite units of the left being pushed through the trees and attacking the forward units on the American right. Several Bayonet Attacks later and the British had eliminated the riflemen and two regular units, while pushing the cannon back to the baseline. They had suffered some casualties in the battle-backs. Using a Bombard the American commander was able to inflict damage on the Grenadiers, who then failed their rally roll and fled. A final attack by the Guards destroyed the light cannons they faced and in the subsequent firefight they recoiled back into cover, passing their rally roll with diminished numbers. At this phase the British left had destroyed four American units on the flank at the cost of one unit of Grenadiers and the Guards being reduced to two blocks each but taking shelter behind the hills and in the trees. A lone American regular unit haunted the base area and even General Sullivan had disappeared, trying to rally a regular unit. Another ruling: one of the destroyed regular American units had recoiled onto Sullivan’s location, who then attached himself to provide additional resources for the rally roll. They had failed their roll and fled but Sullivan then passed his roll but had to retreat. What to do as he has to retreat? We assumed he would retreat off-table but not count as a VP for the battle.

And then attention moved to the centre. The British used a Line Command to bring the whole of their centre and right forward; in fact, two such cards. Meanwhile the Americans had concluded matters had not developed in a positive way and decided a rapid withdrawal was required. It proved insufficiently rapid as one of the militia infantry was shot up and failed the resultant rally roll. It was 5VP v 1VP in favour of the British and it was looking very bad for the Americans, who had at least managed to cluster their retreating units into a blob around the key road. The British then captured the buildings at Chadd’s Ford and in the general advance proceeded to occupy five hills. The Americans got two units away down the road and pushed the Rangers off their hill, preventing a lost battle. A further ruling: absolute majority is taken to mean five of the nine hills whereas a majority would be more than the Americans were holding. Again, the British brought up units to take hills and threaten a win, and again the Americans pushed back while getting two further units off-table. Yet again the British tried but again the Americans forced them back. Then the British tried a line volley to destroy a unit but that only pushed units back who passed their rally rolls and the Americans were able to slip another unit off, so now had five VPs through exiting units and 1 unit kill against the British, while the British had 5 unit kills and one VP for objectives.

The flank had been resolved in four turns with five units being eliminated, while the centre had taken six turns without reaching a conclusion and only one unit lost. For the finale the action switched back to the flank where the two Guards units were brought back into action to assail the one regular unit that had been left in splendid isolation. The British rolls heavily favoured them, removing three blocks and forcing a rally roll that was failed. Finally, the British had achieved their victory. The Americans had missed a victory through a lack of cards to move in the centre; tenacious resistance had proved insufficient although the dice seemed to have rolled evenly for both armies.

Campaign score:
Tactical 57/45
Strategic 6/3
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