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6th December 2021 - When is a win not a win?

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I sat down once more this afternoon with Pocket Landship, confident after yet another reread of the rules that I was going to play it absolutely correctly, third time lucky. Again, I went with the tutorial setup so that I could continue to get a feel for how the various elements work in the game, and also because I would rather experience a gradual unfurling of its petals instead of being deluged with choices.

If I have one criticism of the game so far it is the that rules could possibly be a little clearer. I have had to keep my laptop open and check various threads on BGG several times in my three plays so far, and while I know that things will be much more smooth once all the information is clear in my head it is still making the learning process just a little bumpy.

Having said that, a close rereading of some sections of the booklet did mean that I was playing the Mechs' movements correctly this time around, bringing cards across and down to the front row where necessary, where in my first play I had definitely ended up just with the two columns, incorrectly so. It also felt like a much more interesting battle this time around as a result, although there is no doubt that I got very lucky on some turns, such as the one pictured below when my hull was assaulted but no damage was done.

From gallery of nickster1970

The luck of the roll.

In the end I survived the final battle with moderate ease, using my Commander and two Advantage cards to my, erm, advantage, and trotted away to an easy and legal victory...or so I thought, until it occurred to me to double check the Ingenuity ability, which allows you to adjust one other die by a single pip.

I had assumed that this included the dice used to track damage, but not so - it apparently refers only to those used to selecet actions, so once again my win was not quite as justified as I had assumed. I will still notch it up as a victory, though, even if it is a qualified one, but I shall know better next time. It is not all bad news, though, for I was hankering after just a touch more challenge, but it looks as if that is exactly what I shall be getting next time out.

Happy gaming!
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