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RPG Spotlight Special Edition!

From gallery of Farydia

You might have noticed this new thing that sometimes invades the front page posts: The RPG Spotlight Event. The aim of the event is to increase activity on the site - and of course to provide some fun activities for anyone participating. Every three weeks, a new RPG from the database will be chosen to step into the spotlight.

The Spotlight is currently on winter vacation - but that gave me time to usher in a special event: Highlighting the RPGs designed by users of this site within the amazingly short time frame of 24 hours! These were designed as part of the 24hrs RPG challenge and are free to download for everyone!

What's going on right now?

The event is already in full swing, so please visit the designer chats and post your questions and/or feedback for those RPGs in any or all of the following posts:

[RPG Xmas Spotlight] Designer Chat: 1000 Year Old Elf
[RPG Xmas Spotlight] Designer Chat: Cast Iron Chef
[RPG Xmas Spotlight] Designer Chat: Character Examination
[RPG Xmas Spotlight] Designer Chat: Droids - The Unsung Heroes of SciFi
[RPG Xmas Spotlight] Designer Chat: Fab 4
[RPG Xmas Spotlight] Designer Chat: Fantastic Graves
[RPG New Year Spotlight] Designer Chat: The Heist
[RPG New Year Spotlight] Designer Chat: Message to Garcia

The remaining four RPGs will be featured over the course of the next few days:

Store Bought Is Fine later today
Takers 01/06/2022
We Happy Few 01/08/2022
Wild Spaces 01/10/2022

So head on over and have a peek, also don't forget that there's a special GG incentive to read, play and rate/comment those games! More info in either of these threads:
[RPG New Year Spotlight] Get yourself some GeekGold!

What's up on the Horizon?

How do you get notified about new threads in the event? There is of course the possibility to subscribe to the RPG in question, but you can also check the front page for new forum posts: Posts created for these events are always headlined with [RPG Spotlight], so you'll be able to find them easily when browsing the 'geek.

You can also subscribe to the RPG Spotlight Event Tracker or watch this News Channel!

If you want to contribute more to the event - just post your own questions, ideas or Tavern Game! Reviewing items or the RPG would also be considered a very useful contribution to the site. Or maybe now is the time to start that PbF you always wanted to run? Use the spotlight to promote your game and fill these virtual tables!

The winter vacation will also soon come to an end, which means it's time to vote for the next RPG to feature in the regular spotlight!

Poll: RPG Spotlight Event #8: Choose your game!
Which of those games shall feature in Spotlight #8?
 Choices Your Answer  Bars Vote Percent Vote Count
Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)
25.9 percent
25.9% 15
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
53.4 percent
53.4% 31
Werewolf: The Apocalypse
20.7 percent
20.7% 12
Voters 58
This poll is now closed.   58 answers
Poll created by Farydia
Closes: Fri Jan 14, 2022 6:00 am
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