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Stack Fruit, Pack Hotels, Manage Gondolas, and Build a Roller Coaster

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Board Game Publisher: HUCH!
Let me follow up my recent post about new titles from German publisher HUCH! with a few other games in its 2022 line-up, starting with Gondolieri from designers Michael Kiesling and Andreas Schmidt, who worked together previously on 2017's Heaven & Ale.

Due out in mid-2022, Gondolieri seems to be a much lighter design than that earlier one, with a Can't Stop-style dice mechanism driving the action for 2-5 players:
It's not easy to take all the tourists to the sights they want to see in Venice — because everyone wants to admire the same beautiful and impressive monuments.

Board Game: Gondolieri

In Gondolieri, players slip into the role of the gondolieri, who take their passengers to the most sought-after sights. After the first roll of the dice, the player decides with which of their gondolieri they want to advance. Each gondoliere has a different destination that they want to get as close to as possible. You can roll the dice more if you'd like, and as long as you roll the right color, the gondoliere can continue to move forward.

There is only one problem: There is always a traffic jam at the Rialto Bridge — and after that the gondoliere has to continue in one go until they reach their destination because otherwise they will be too late for new guests. Keep an eye on the opposing gondolieri as they can still profit from the remaining dice!
Goblin Coaster, due out in the latter half of 2022, is a co-operative tile-laying game from designers Ursula Hermens-Meyberg and Jan Meyberg in which you need to get a lot done in the 20-minute playing time:
The goblins want to make their dungeon more attractive and have decided to build a really daring roller coaster: the Goblin Coaster. The construction site is just opening when the unbelievable happens. Due to a misunderstanding, one of the goblins has already started the coaster! Will the goblins manage to finish building the roller coaster before the wagon arrives at the end of the track and crashes?

From gallery of Photodump

In Goblin Coaster, players take on the role of the goblins and do what they can to finish the roller coaster quickly! To do so, players must clear tiles with track sections — but the next type of tile is predetermined and players must quickly create the matching track section. It's a funny competition against time, which (hopefully!) will result in a finished roller coaster at the end!
Overbooking is a game due out in the latter half of 2022 from newcomer Filippo Landini in which 2-4 players confront the familiar problem of having too much stuff to fit in the available space:
Once upon a time there was a king who wanted to throw a royal party of the finest for his daughter. Thousands of guests from all over the country were invited; traveling merchants, monks, soldiers, and many others flocked to the capital. But, oh no! Because everyone had hoped for last-minute discounts, no one had pre-booked a hotel room. Now the great race for the last free rooms begins! Who will get a place to sleep, who will have to stay outside, and who will make it through the back door with a nasty trick?

Board Game: Overbooking

In Overbooking, each player tries to place their guest cards in the few available hotels to collect points — but each hotel can accommodate only a certain number of guests. You have to guess how many guests your opponents will send into the race for the rooms and what devious plans they will make to get in your way.
• Along the same lines is Fresh Fruits from another first-time Italian designer — Francesco Calvi in this case — with 2-5 players trying to pack things with care:
Aunt Helga has sent you shopping with one command at the forefront: Buy the juiciest fruits!

Board Game: Fresh Fruits

But it won't be easy to bring them home in one piece as the heavy fruits must not be placed on top of the lighter ones — and of course you should buy exactly the fruits that Aunt Helga would like to have. Your challenge in Fresh Fruits is to pack your basket in just the right way with all the required fruits so that nothing is crushed and no juice is spilled. Whoever fulfills the most requirements will score best and win.
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