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It’s a Dog Eat Dog Corporate World in the Dystopian World of Solar 175 From Publisher Cogito ergo Meeple

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Board Game: Solar 175

Publisher Cogito ergo Meeple is gearing up for a Kickstarter launch of Solar 175, an upcoming euro-style legacy game designed for 1 - 5 players by authors Madeleine Adams and Joseph Adams. In true Weyland-Yutani fashion, players will assume the roles of newly appointed CEO’s who will stop at nothing to expand their company’s reach far beyond the stars whilst simultaneously trying to out manoeuvre the competition.

“It’s been 175 years since the unspeakable war. Since this horrific event humanity has left control of the solar system’s vast resources to just one governmental organization, the United Federation of the Solar System. A vast inter-global governance system set up in the ashes of the destruction. Since then a new democracy has gradually formed, the previously uncontested centrist party of the United Federalists bowed to decades of pressure and allowed rival parties to stand in ‘free and open elections’. From this moment, the corporations have done everything they could to gain influence over these powerful political organisations. There is vast wealth available in the solar system and only the most ruthless will prosper.

Solar 175 is an epic, euro-style legacy experience for 1-5 players set in a dystopian, sci-fi future. The game utilizes bag-building, area control and worker placement. It is inspired as a fusion between classic euro games such as Orleans and El Grande and a unique thematic and evolving universe. Solar 175 is set in a prosperous expanding solar system with immersive worldbuilding and engaging narratives. The game is rich on theme and will feature interesting ethical and philosophical choices as well as engaging euro style gameplay. Play occurs across three cyclical phases, the draw phase, the assign phase and the action phase. Players simultaneously draw workers from their unique embossed bag and assign these workers to jobs on their double layered player board. During the action phase players take turns to remove workers from these jobs to perform a large variety of actions to help propel them to victory.

The winner is the player with the most influence points at the end of the game, influence points can be gained via many different strategies, such as helping to build giant megastructures, influencing the upcoming election and building outposts across the solar system. Play continues until one player has built all of their 15 unique outposts tokens which triggers the election phase and end game scoring.

Solar 175 has an innovative end game scoring system which changes based on how the players interact with the game-world.
This creates unique winning conditions in each game making each one feel fresh and distinctive. The legacy campaign contains dozens of hours of content with engaging narrative and multiple endings. Once complete, the game is fully replayable and the game-world continues to expand and evolve endlessly.”
- description by the publisher

Board Game: Solar 175

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign for Solar 175 is scheduled to launch on March 1st.
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