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Freeman's Farm

Captain Nemo
United Kingdom
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No opening cannonade and the British started with an advance on the right, while the Americans had gone with a Line Volley that scored five hits. For the first few turns both armies sought to integrate their troops into solid battle lines and were frustrated by poor card pulls and dice rolling. On turn six the British felt confident enough to deliver their own Line Volley; this generated only one hit but a lot of flags and a full strength regular American unit in the centre fell back … and fled having failed its five-dice morale check.

Emboldened by the success the British used a Quickstep card to advance to the attack but the battle-back proved more destructive, with the British light troops also failing their five-dice retreat morale check. With the following round of cards involved close in combat between the troops. One unit of American Militia fled and one of Regulars shot to pieces. However, the American attack took out three Regular British units and General Hamilton. The following turn an American bayonet attack, an American specialisation in this battle, overran the opposing British guns although General Philips got away to the left flank where he and General Riedesel gathered the left-wing troops into a menacing battle group but there proved to be no time to get them into action.

With a score of six-three in favour of the Americans and a hollow centre the British looked to consolidate their wings while the Americans tried to use their central position to score a final kill and secure victory. The Americans were scattered in the British starting positions and although inflicting a few damaging hits, an attempt to by General Arnold with a single unit of Regular troops to eliminate a unit on the British right-wing proved to be overreach, with the unit eventually being struck by a mass attack from the consolidated British right wing, destroying the Regular unit but which failed to prevent the General escaping. With the Americans side stepping their army to their left and concentrating on the British right flank, the British tried to attack first rather than waiting to be overwhelmed while waiting for their left flank to arrive. The attacks even involved the provincial troops, who fought well but the mass of American troops was sufficient to destroy the Regular unit being led by General Fraser, although the General got away: an American victory 7-4.

The battle had been slow to start with cards and dice at first going against both commanders but which improved as the game advanced. The middle of the battle proved a crucial point, when the British launched an attack against the American battleline. This proved to be a mistake because the melee attacks could not do enough damage to the full strength units they were attacking to prevent the battle-back that did damage back. However, the subsequent American attack DID do enough to destroy or drive off the British troops who got few opportunities to battle-back. Thereafter there was another long pause while the Americans manoeuvred for the final kill. The key lesson, apart from being a lucky general, was to inflict damage on the enemy before charging him and being patient while assembling an appropriate hand of cards.

Campaign score:
Tactical 68/55
Strategic 7/4
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