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Summoner Wars Online 1.1.0, and what's up next!

Joseph Arthur Ellis
United States
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Version 1.1.0 of Summoner Wars Online has been released!

There are 2 major updates:

First, the core rules have been errated to not allow a player to play more than 1 active event with the same name at the same time. We'll be updating our rules PDF soon and future printings of the rulebook to reflect this change. The change is implemented here in the app. A future expansion will also have this change noted in the physical printing.

Second, on a trial basis, I have changed all public games to be custom decks allowed, and 3 days per player. While we're still in this "underground" mode before we really promote this game once it has single player and Steam versions, I want to try to help people find public matches as much as possible. Feedback on this change welcome. (For private games, you still get all the options.)

Here are the other updates and improvements in v1.1.0 of Summoner Wars online:
* Video background disabled on mobile
* Forfeit button makes it clear that it's during your turn only
* Click a turn in the game log to go back to the beginning of that turn
* Option to show a blue outline for cards you control and a red outline for cards your opponent controls.
* On large enough screens, circle icons that show each player's active events instead of a separate tab
* Players on the subscription who received Tundra Orcs and Phoenix Elves have been granted permanent ownership of them.
* An update messaged added to the home screen to help direct players to news.
* Protect bug fixed. (Can now attack a unit with Protect at range rather than only the adjacent)
* Deployed a lot of code to ready us for translated versions soon.

What's Next

I am done with 95% of the work for the Familiar Tales app (more info and preorder at !) and so my focus this week has returned to progressing Summoner Wars Online! It's really exciting as I can finally get to some improvements I've been thinking about since before the 1.0 release. Here's what I'll be focused on the next couple weeks:

* Improving performance of online games - especially speed of server response. (And also not waiting for the server response when not necessary.)
* Improving animations and UI
* Adding personal and global stats.
* Working toward the first localization releases.

Once I get through those, we'll start working on single player modes. We're really not that far from the Steam release. Please continue to send bugs to

I'd also love to run another official tournament ASAP. If you have an opinion on the format, let me know below!

Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to diving back in even more with Summoner Wars Online in the coming weeks!
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