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Boston Tea Party

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After Shamans so thoroughly blew me away last year I wanted nothing more than to play more of Chaboussit's work. Glow is on my to-do list, but it was Tea for 2 that intrigued me the most. War: The Deckbuilder? A bonkers pitch to be certain, but if anyone could pull it off...

I liked this one quickly. The resolution really is, without a single bit of exaggeration, War. Simultaneously flip cards from your decks, higher number wins, ties go to the holder of The Flamingo. I will not elaborate on the rules much but that's vital to understand; you will crave The Flamingo. It's so simple in fact that Cindy didn't believe me at first, assuming this was a simultaneous selection game using a hand where you'd be forced to play your weak cards before picking them back up. No! It's War! Get flippin'!

And it works.

The winner of each flip either resolves the card's ability or goes shopping for new cards, but their purchase power is the difference between the two cards so it's not always a viable option. As such some turns just kind of happen, and this had me initially concerned. I spent a lot of mental energy in our first game tracking when "real" decisions were being made, looking to capitalize as much as possible.

And I lost.

Now, I wasn't upset by this. I love losing! But I was confused, intrigued. So we played it again a week or so later, and this time we did what I believe to be the correct way: drinking tea, chatting, occasionally yelling at each other when cool things happened, and making the most aggressive plays possible.

And I won.

But more importantly, I understood. Tea for 2 is the farthest thing from a heads-down 2p brain burner, it's a smirking jackass of a game that I enjoy every moment of. It's got those gamblers' high moments in spades as you try to stack powerful effects in your deck knowing that they're never guaranteed, or opt for high risk/high reward means of chasing points over sure bets, or just start killing your opponent's cards only to accidentally make their deck better by culling their trash for them. Sure not every turn has a choice, but I don't care when it plays this fast and its highs are so high.

Tf2 (not THAT TF2 though, this is a different one) is staying in our 2p rotation because it's a joy factory. Sure you could approach it seriously and optimize your every play, but why do that when you can reach out and slap your friend or partner? It's perfect in its niche, and more often than not that's exactly what we're looking for. Sure it isn't Shamans-good but vanishingly few games are; what it is is the poster child for "good-dumb", the kind of silly thing that pokes the happy buttons in your brain. Chaboussit you mad hatter, you've done it again.
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