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This blog is to discuss game designs that I've been working on: insight, information, and updates. I've been the research expert (no, seriously, it says so in the rulebooks) for Dean Essig for The Gamers' line of products (Battalion Combat Series, Line of Battle, Standard Combat Series, Tactical Combat Series, and at times Operational Combat Series). Hans Kishel will chime in from time to time when he's free to discuss his designs (he's the big bad designer for OCS's The Blitzkrieg Legend and Smolensk: Barbarossa Derailed. Much like the villains in Die Hard, Hans is the brains and Carl is the muscle. Dean I guess would be John McClane. Enjoy and let's keep it light and civil... until we need hostages...
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MMP 2022 Production Forecast - With My Insights

Carl Fung
United States
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From Grandmaster Pete with comments at the end on the projects that I have personal insight (with updated changes in italics and the incorrect items struck out):

"Here's the 2022 MMP Production Forecast:

- Yanks will be released;
- Hell’s Corner (previously from Operations Special Edition #3, currently in the reprint of Rising Sun) will be released as a map/scenario pack;
- Sword and Fire: Manila will be released;
- The 2022 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack will be released;
- Updated Pocket Rulebook (including errata and Chapter F) will be released, as will Pocket Chapter H and Pocket Charts;
- The Normandy HASL – Drop Zone Sainte Mère Église – will go on preorder;
- Hakkaa Päälle reprint will go on preorder;
- The Marco Polo Bridge HASL will go on preorder. This may also be done as a Starter Kit HASL;
- The ASL Overlay Bundle will go on preorder;
- ASL Action Pack 15 (Swedish Volunteers) will be reprinted;
- ASL Journal will be released.

External image
External image

- ASL Starter Kit #2 will be reprinted;
- ASL Starter Kit #3 will be reprinted.

- Arracourt will be released.

External image

- On to Richmond II will go on preorder;
- Skirmisher 3 will be released.

- Race for Bastogne will be released;
- The GTS magazine – with Saar game – will go on preorder;
- GTS Utah will go on preorder.
- The Devil's Cauldron will be released this year.

External image

- Storm Over Jerusalem will be released go on preorder;
- A Victory Awaits will be released;
- A Warriors of God-type game on the English Civil War War of the Roses will go on preorder;
- On to Japan (the Pacific campaign in WWII) will go on preorder. It will use a system similar to Avenge Pearl Harbor.

External image

- Crimea will go on preorder;
- An OCS magazine will be released. It will have a game on Luzon.

- The next Special Ops (with Blitzkrieg to Moscow 2) will be released

NOTE: There are other new games in development and playtesting in the SCS/TCS/BCS/LOB lines. Some of these may make it to preorder this year but it’s too early to say for certain, so they aren’t included in the forecast. Stay tuned for further details as the year progresses."

Very cool products coming out this year. The blurb at the bottom touches on a number of my designs and projects that I'm involved in.

For SCS, there's a number of games that Lee is overseeing, including:

- Stalin’s Revenge: The Shattering of Army Group Center, 1944. 1 map, one countersheet
- Last Victory in Russia. 3rd Kharkov, 2 maps, 2 countersheets but really 2 1-map games linked together.
- Ardennes II
- Tebourba Gap. Platoon level SCS (like FJ) in Tunisia 29 Nov - 4 Dec, 1942.

I believe Last Victory in Russia in first in line as I've seen map and artwork being done for it. I helped the designer, Steve Newhouse some years back with the OOB for this game.

External image

Likewise, I helped Steve on the OOB for Tebourba Gap. And as teased on this blog, Ardennes II is in the works. Dean is making some steps on the design, but its still in its early stages. Note that note all of these SCS designs are being concurrently being actively developed to get ready for pre-order, they are just what's been officially submitted and in the to-do queue. But be assured that there'll be plenty of SCS games in the future and I still have some SCS designs I want to submit as well.

For TCS, this is my Goose Green design. Currently being developed and playtested, it's making good progress. Last week I went through a full sweep of the rules and cleaned up the scenarios. This week I reviewed the counters from Niko. We're getting there. I had designed Goose Green many moons ago, but being active in the design again while helping address issues being identified by the playtesters is really reminding me why this battle drew me in the first place. No set timeline one this but we are definitely making positive progress.

For BCS, this is Valley of Tears. The design that I have been eagerly awaiting to see in print for a long time. It's being actively playtested and (knock on wood), no major rules changes in several weeks (crap, I hope I didn't jinx it). I finished what is likely the near final draft of the design notes, clocking in at 55 pages (single spaced!!!). I had to all get it on paper while the info is still relatively fresh, and there's a large data dump of research material that I want to impart on the willing. The game is still some ways from being completed which is why there's no commitment saying it'll go on pre-order this year. I was fooled once by Panzers Last Stand in the length of time it took to finally complete, but I think we can all agree that the time spent was worth it. The same must happen with Valley of Tears as well. That's the design that actively being worked on and since BCS is the main game system that I'm enamored with, readers of this blog will get more insight into BCS than most other The Gamers' series. Such as what I've been commenting on regarding The Breaking Point, the working title for my France-Belgium 1940 design. Jim Daniels and I have been chatting recently and he says he's close to submitting his design for BCS Velikiye Luki.

Lastly, LOB with No Turning Back. It's actively being developed and playtested. As I last noted in the blog post about Moxley Sorrel, "It's a tricky battle to represent in game form, but the strides made so far are looking to pay off. The fact that were fussing over Sorrel rules means things like getting lost in the Wilderness are settling down... I'm hopeful but not thinking we'll be done all that soon." But I don't want to sound too optimistic about it. This truly is a tricky battle and Dean is scrutinizing the loss ratios of fighting in these damn woods. Time will tell but patience is a virtue and everyone working on these games are committing their limited time to pour their hearts into these games while still dealing with personal and family crises. And let's remember, it's a forecast, not a blood oath of delivery.
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