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How a Giant Cybernetic Tank Changed My Life


Hi there, and welcome to my shiny new blog, where I talk about all things Ogre! I'm Tal, the Ogre Line Editor. How that happened is quite a story . . .

My first encounter with the Giant Cybernetic Tank was as a twelve-year-old schoolboy in the 1980s. I have a vivid memory of standing in the only FLGS in my city, gazing at the cover of the Pocket Box edition.

Board Game: Ogre

Staring Down the Ogre

The picture by Clark Bradley was pure genius. It put you right there, a hapless and helpless battlesuited infantryman, looking down the monster's throat.

(Notice the tank being crushed casually beneath the Ogre's tracks!)

"How do I stop this thing?!!"

Never in my wildest dreams would the 12-year-old me have thought that I would one day be helping this company create cool new Ogre stuff.

After all, Steve Jackson Games, who made -- in my book -- some pretty awesome things like GURPS and Car Wars, was in the far-off land of Texas, where some people got to "do games" for a living.

Afer all, you wouldn't want to go to college to make games, would you?!

Your Experience

Fast forward more than twenty years, to May 2012. The Giant Cybernetic Tank had something planned, which took everyone -- including Mr. Steve Jackson himself -- by surprise. But that's a topic for the next entry...

What was your first experience with Ogre? Share yours below!

-- Tal

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Ogre at Steve Jackson Games
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