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Fight Wonderland's War on Maul Peak, Then Explore Wildlife in Parks

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Board Game Designer
Board Game: Caper: Europe
Board Game: Old Bill
The game pics and announcements from GAMA Expo 2022 demand to be seen, so I'll keep publishing them until the well is dry:

Caper: Europe from designer Unai Rubio and publisher Keymaster Games hit U.S. retail outlets in early March 2022. In the game, you compete against another criminal mastermind to try to do a better job of thieving with your team than they do with theirs.

The Kickstarter campaign for Caper: Europe had included an unrelated bluffing-based card game from Mattox Shuler called Old Bill, and I feel compelled to mention this release mostly due to my delight at saying "Old Bill" over and over. It's no "cellar door", but the phrase still hits nicely.

At GAMA Expo 2022, Keymaster Games also showed off PARKS: Wildlife, an expansion for PARKS from Henry Audubon and Mattox Shuler that's due out in Q3 2022 and that features, in the words of Keymaster's Jennifer Graham-Macht, "lots of little things". In more detail, you'll find new trail sites, new gear, fresh canteens, more season cards, and "a large wandering bison that moves along the park cards and grants bonuses to the players who visit those parks". Clearly that bison should be named "Old Bill".

Board Game: PARKS: Wildlife

Board Game Publisher: Pencil First Games, LLC
• U.S. publisher Pencil First Games showed off Maul Peak, a two-player asymmetrical tactical combat game from designers Eduardo Baraf and Keith Matejka that is a standalone sequel to 2019's Skulk Hollow, with which it can be integrated. This game will launch on Kickstarter on April 5, 2022 ahead of a planned retail release in Q1 2023, and in slightly more detail:
In Maul Peak, one player controls a tribe of bears and the other a towering behemoth of a guardian that must withstand the bear attack. Action takes place on a shared kingdom board as well as on a game board that represents the guardian, with the bears traversing the guardian for weak spots. Players use dual-purpose cards for movement and abilities, and the foxen heroes of Skulk Hollow can be pitted against any of the guardians in Maul Peak and vice versa.
Board Game: Maul Peak

Pencil First's flip-and-write game Delicious from Baraf and Steve Finn is due out in June/July 2022, and I foolishly forgot to take a pic of the game stack of Delicious, Floriferous, Herbaceous, Herbaceous Sprouts, and The Whatnot Cabinet, which is possibly the most chill game stack you could ever hope to see. I suppose that I was so chill that my mind dissolved until I moved on to the next table and got punched in the eyes by more traditional game graphics.

Board Game: Wonderland's War
Wonderland's War from designers Tim Eisner, Ben Eisner, and Ian Moss and publishers Druid City Games and Skybound Games is due to hit retail outlets in April 2022.

In this 2-5 player game, you travel around the table at the Mad Hatter's tea party drafting cards to gather forces, build towers, upgrade your leader, and recruit Wonderlandians to your cause, and once the plates are empty, the battle begins, with players competing to earn points over three rounds by claiming region bonuses or winning in battle.

From gallery of W Eric Martin

From gallery of W Eric Martin

Isaac Childres' Frosthaven from Cephalofair Games should be a candidate in a "guess my weight" contest. The box is giant, yes, but it seems to be filled with sand because it was unexpectedly weighty.

A Cephalofair representative whose name I forgot to note said that printing is imminent, with shipping scheduled for mid-May 2022 and Kickstarter fulfillment ideally happening in September 2022. As always, anticipate that dates for all things might change due to a piece of the Moon falling into the ocean or some other unexpected event.

From gallery of W Eric Martin
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