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We knew this truth for years!

Don't get me wrong, I am a massive fan of all those new technologies. I adore the XXI century. And yet, it makes me smile when I see them trying so hard. They are not even close to what we have here for years already. Listen to music on Spotify with your friends! Use Amazon Watch Party, Hulu Watch Party, Twitch Watch Party... Yeah, they are trying hard because they know there is nothing better in life than sharing memories with your close ones.

That is why since 70' we have been playing RPG. We were sitting at the table, telling stories together, together exploring ancient ruins, and fighting Vecna together. Nothing in life can compete with those pure moments of joy shared with friends.

That is why the Escape Room phenomenon began a couple of years ago. We love to get stuck together, brainstorm, debate, find a way to crack the puzzle, and run away from the room before the clock ends. Cheering, jumping, hugs, and high fives. That's a shared victory.

And this is the same with board games. Whether this is a classic board game or a cooperative game, the joy of sharing the moment with friends is the sauce that makes it magical. Since 2017 I have been designing, demoing, and playtesting Detective games. These games are all about that experience. That "aha moment" when you guys figure out the plot when you connect the dots and find out who did it. The notes, the mind map, the handouts, and the theories all make a pot of incredible experience.

Last year we released Vienna Connection which allowed players to become spies in the Cold War era and together fight KGB. Then we did Dune, and players visited Arrakis fighting evil Harkonnens. Baron is almost as evil as Vecna, right? Now we invite them to Gotham.

Dim the light, put the Batman soundtrack in the background, prepare notepads and pencils, and invite your friends to Gotham. Together figure out what Penguin is planning, together outsmart Carmine Falcone, and together visit Arkham Asylum. Be a Catwoman, or Harvey Bullock, have a laugh making Batman's voice when you meet him and have these incredible brainstorming moments trying to solve the mystery.

You can read a comic. It's fun. I do it almost every day. But maybe invite your friends and visit Gotham with them, together.

I have said it for the past 20 years - board games for the win! #together #memories
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