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Mourning Maureen

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Maureen Hiron, one of the gaming world's true greats, died yesterday at the grand age of 80. Maureen was best known in the 1980s for a variety of mass market, abstract games such as Continuo and Cavendish - but, if you're a Bridge player, was much more famous in that field: an International level player, writer and newspaper columnist. If you want to know more 'facts' then wander over to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maureen_Hiron ; however, I have Maureen stories of my own to tell:
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I first met her at a presentation of some kind at Essen Spiel in the late noughties; this short, be-baseball-capped old lady huffed into an adjacent seat and started telling me about her upcoming meetings with Hasbro, a million selling project with US retailers, how great living in Portugal is and that she drives an Aston Martin. I think, for about 2 minutes, I tried pitching Bloody Legacy to her as something for a big supermarket brand but she was too busy telling me how much money she made to help me pay off my mortgage.
From gallery of tonyboydell

We'd often see her pass by the booth, year on year, and we'd give her a hearty halloo in that 'She is someone important so be nice...' kind of way; I think we were quite intimidated, like we were whenever we bumped into Francis Tresham.

Maureen was, undeniably, an outstanding - if eccentric - force within the Industry; exasperating (the conversation was usually pretty one-sided) and admirable in equal measure. Hailing from a bygone era of our hobby, she seemed rather nonplussed by most modern day 'Euro' output - too complicated and too fiddly. She preferred, instead, the elegance of a pack of cards or a colourful grid with simple mechanisms rooted in the traditional; this, of course, is how most of the people in the World regard games whereas we - with our resource management, worker placement, dice drafting, deck building, miniature-heavy and over-involved bunkum - are an aberration. This - the general market approach - is why she had a home in the Sun and drove an Aston Martin and why I don't.
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