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Using dice as multi-purpose game pieces

Niko Lepka
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Following my blog post about Arms Race: The Abstract Strategy Game I started thinking about what other things you could realistically do with dice.

In the case of Arms Race in particular, an obvious thing to do, would be to simply print the chess pieces on each of the six die faces, but why stop there?

Realistically, you'd be able to make multi-purpose game pieces, each printed on the various faces of the die.

I imagine a combined chess/shogi/xiangqi/checkers set, with 6 faces you can have
chess on one side,
xiangqi on another,
shogi on two of the sides (regular and promoted)
and checkers on the last two (regular and promoted again).

Note that since not all the games have the same number of pieces (xiangqi has 5 pawns, while chess has 8, while both games still have 16 game pieces per side), but it's theoretically possible.
The only major issue is the use of three different sized game boards (8x8, 9x10, 9x9).

I can see other kinds of game collections doing something similar with either differently shaped dice (a d8 could be interesting). Perhaps a game that uses different kinds of units, but where the dice ultimately limit the total number of available units.

Lotsa food for thought I feel.
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