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HeroScape Returns with Age of Annihilation, Imperium Approaches New Horizons, and Patrick Bateman Wants to See Your Cards

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Board Game Publisher: Avalon Hill
• Gen Con 2022 opens today, and I'll be posting pics from the show on BGG's Twitter account as time allows between meetings...

But ahead of the show publishers teased a few upcoming titles, with the largest announcement coming from this teaser video from Avalon Hill:

What do we know about HeroScape: Age of Annihilation? This minimal info courtesy of
With the incomparable Craig Van Ness at the helm, design work on the new Master Set is well underway. Craig's team has included our own community's dad_scaper, dok, kevindola, skyknight, and xorlof, and Craig himself has been running point.

There is lots that the team members can't discuss right now, but some that it can. For instance, we were told early on that this revival is possible because of you! That's right, the ongoing community support for our beloved game was one of the essential ingredients in the decision to bring it back.
From gallery of W Eric Martin

• UK publisher Osprey Games announced Imperium: Horizons from designers Nigel Buckle and Dávid Turczi, with this 1-4 player game due out in 2023. Here's the teaser text for this set:
Formidable adversaries are arrayed against you. Your people stand ready. History beckons.

In your hands lies the destiny of one of most storied peoples of history. Under constant threat of attack, you must conquer new lands, oversee dramatic scientific and cultural advances, and lead your people into the era of empire. Expand too rapidly and unrest will bring your civilization to its knees; build up too slowly, and you might find yourself a mere footnote of history. As one of fourteen radically asymmetric civilizations, you will compete to become the most dominant empire the world has ever seen.

Board Game: Imperium: Horizons

Imperium: Horizons is a standalone game that contains an astonishing fourteen unique civilizations, each of which makes for a unique and challenging opponent in a solo game. The game is fully compatible with Imperium: Classics and Imperium: Legends for players wanting to expand their pool of civilizations even further, and the game incorporates a new trade module that allows players to recreate all the intrigue, wealth generation, and dynamic politics of a thriving economy.
• In the category of "topics I would never have expected to see in a game", we have American Psycho: A Killer Game, due out in 2023 from Renegade Game Studios.

Board Game: American Psycho: A Killer Game

Here's an overview of this 2-5 player trick-taking game:
In American Psycho: A Killer Game, a game of yuppie one-upmanship set in the world of high-stakes investment banking at Pierce & Pierce, you compare your accomplishments as you seek to obtain the most valuable assets, secure reservations at the trendiest restaurants, maintain your personal appearance, and have a better business card than your hated colleagues — all while trying to keep your psychotic rage in check and that rising body count under control. After all, sometimes getting ahead in this world can be absolute murder!

Board Game: American Psycho: A Killer Game

In game terms, you lead "meetings" where all players contribute a card, usually of the matching suit. The highest played card wins, but each meeting will have a "killer suit" that beats the leading suit. A scene card drawn for each meeting further complicates things, forcing players to always remain on their toes. In this merciless world of high finance, some players will be forced to draw murder cards, and eventually those bodies will start to pile up. Bodies are worth negative points — unless you happen to have collected the most, in which case they might actually help you secure your victory.
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