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Most who know me on the Bgg know me as the guy who makes a tonne of vassal modules for solitaire games. I am now documenting my experiences of this. For starters, I will use this blog to comment on stuff made for the summer Solitaire Print and Play contest.
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2012 An Olympic Undertaking

Chad Mestdagh
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One of the big disadvantages of having so many entries int the Summer Solitaire contest is that inevitably some games are going to be passed over. I think this game was a victim of that. Not many people appeared to have played it.

So I made a vassal module for it. (As of this writing, I haven't posted it yet because I am still waiting for rule corrections and card fixes)

Edit: Here it is!
2024 An Olympic Undertaking is now available as a vassal module!

My Playthrough

So I have set up my board and am casually trying to figure out what to do during my first turn. You have no budget each turn and can build as much as you want. But the more you build, the more expensive each thing gets.

In addition, buildings need to be completed by the end game or they will cost you more. This will only matter for complexes (i.e. big buildings) as they can take several turns to complete. How long they will take is directly affected by your second currency: Public Pride.

Here I am in the middle of the game. I have fully completed one building and have two more on the way. Whenever you build a building on the board, it costs you in up to 4 separate ways. First, you have to pay for construction costs. The more you build, the more it will cost. Second, you will have to pay for land costs. In the lower right hand corner of the screen you will find these listed. The third and forth ways are special costs associated with complexes (if more than one complex is completed in a single year or if the complex would not be completed in time).

One of things you will notice on the city is a special piece called an offer piece. This cross shaped piece is what the city will offer for you for free. In other words, you won't have to pay the cost associated with that land if you build it on an offer space that turn.

Now at the end of the game, I have placed all my complexes and housing and hotels. Now I have to collect the revenue for holding the games. Hopefully I will make enough to break even. (I should though)

Looks like this was a no brainer. Revenue - debts = 92$ !!!!!! Not sure if this was a good score or not, but it seemed pretty good to me.


The best way to describe this game would be PowerGrid meets Simcity.

I like this game! A LOT! Having played it and quite a few others in the contest, I would say that this game would be in my top 5. Granted my tastes might be a bit different than yours. I do like solitaire games with a score. I like games with a lot of options and good hard analysis. I like games that feel like you have a meaningful impact on the outcome of the game. I like a game that feels like you could get better at it the more you played. This game has all of that in spades. It feels very euro.

There are a few problems with it, but none of those problems have to do with the gameplay. Instead, they have to do with the Print and play aspect of the game. The city tiles are actually slightly larger then they need to be. By larger, I mean the rims of the city. If you lay out the 4 city tiles as they are listed and try to place water tiles on them, you will find that they are going to need to be trimmed. The only other problem that you will find with this game is that you will be stacking a lot of pieces on top of each other. (I hate working with cardstock period, so this would drive me nuts!)

If you participated in the summer contest, there is still a good chance that you missed this game. It should have been more popular. Do yourself a favor and check out this game when I publish the vassal Module.


1) Unique theme. Hasn't really been done before.
2) Awesome gameplay! Great depth.
3) Events are really unique and do contribute to a unique gameplay each time.
4) The mechanic of the offer space also will make each game unique as well. Financial decisions will vary based on where this piece gets played.
5) As a player, you will live and die based on how smart (or dumb) your decisions are!


1) Print and play aspects weaken the game. See the commentary.
2) Mathy gameplay. (Actually a plus for me, but might annoy some.)
3) Because events are good or bad and you will only see 1/4 of the events each game, your scores from one game to another might not be comparable. One game with mostly negative events will not score the same as one game with mostly positive events.
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