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Tuesday Evening Gamers (TEG) - September 25th - Krieg und Frieden, Age of Steam

Gary Heidenreich
United States
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September 25th, 2012

So, it was our 200tjh meeting of TEG. I guess because it ends in double zero, it is a landmark. I even changed it up and had some Harp instead of Modelo last night.

It was only Timm, Kevin and myself for the 200th. We were disucssing what to play and decided on Krieg und Frieden. We had looked at it previously and talked about it. I had this game sitting on my shelf for years now without playing it. It has a round board and huge, chunky wooden pieces. Ah, no brainer. We broke it out to learn and play.

As we started going through the rules (really quite easy once you read through them) we discovered that Krieg und Frieden can be quite a mean, nasty game. You get to BURN down people's farm and worker huts. Wow. The game has a really nice look. See the pictures below (Start, mid, and end game). Yep, it's a build the catherdal and be the king's advisor type of game. Resourse management at damn near it's tightest.

You have resourse cards which are used for bidding, as well as building, burning and bribing. The Killer B's. Getting cards at the end of the round is difficult and points are only acquired when building the catherdal. Each part of the game is named by season. You start a round in Winter with an issue card (the other cards). This tells you what the main issue is for the round (and what each of the four resource cards are worth, bidding wise, that round). Along with that, each card has a marking to get a privlege or build a piece of the catherdal. A privlege allows you to change the issue (or get you an extra card at the end of the round). Spring happens and that is when the bidding happens to be the king's advisor, and start player (and either acquire a privlege or builld the catherdal for points - the only way to get points). Summer is when you take your actions by using resourse cards. Build farms to get more cards at the end of the round, build a worker hut to get extra points if you build a part of the catherdal, burn huts, and bribe soliders (to get rid of soldiers to make it easier for you to burn huts). Fall arrives and that's when we get cards replenished. Game ends when the catherdal is build.

No, you cannot learn how to play from my description, as I'm sure I left stuff out. I got wordy this morning.

So we burned and built, built and burned. In the end, Timm won on a tie breaker over Kevin. They each had 6 points. I ended up with four.

More than ample time for a second game so we chose Age of Steam, the Rust Belt map. Playing Railroad Tycoon last week, we had the gist, but went through the rules again for the quirks. As always, this game is brutally tight. Yes, I know, three on that map gives you room but it's still tight (only my sixth time playing it perhaps?). I ended up dropping back points in the first round as I was only able to ship one cube instead of two (so I moved up a loco). I was on the west side of the board. Kevin was centralized, Timm more in the southern part of the board. We all converged later in the game and the bidding got crazy. I managed to not think like Timm and Kevin and either got first pick when I wanted it or got items I needed as they weren't looking at that (as both had to ramp up the loco at the end). Because of my end game shipping, I pulled out the win with 99, Timm had 92 and Kevin had 78. I thought we all played a solid game as we each only had four shares taken.

Damn Tanga advertising on the side of the page. $15 including shipping for a game I've had my eye on? It is now mine. LOL. Damn impulse buy.

Two good games for the 200th.

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