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First Sunday of Advent 2022 "it is now the moment for you to wake from sleep"

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I'm writing this post on Saturday, November 12th. I can count only one or two other times that I've scheduled posts in advance. Anyhow, that's what this is. Another instance of time travel. Past me writing directly to present you. Future me will return someday to answer any present and future comments here.

I'm going to take an Advent/Christmas Break from BGG.

From your present perspective, if all has gone as planned, you'll find me logged out, unresponsive and uncaring towards all your continued BGG use and abuse.

I plan on staying logged out through Twelfth Night, returning on the 6th.


Back to November 12th, my present:
This morning, I played Vidrasso three times on BGA with
The Mirror
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New York
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there's a mirror that has seen me for the last time
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. Most of our audio chatting was centered on the game, but we did briefly talk about the band Low. Goodbye, Mimi Parker. I said something like I've always liked and respected the band, but have never been a big fan and only have a shallow relationship with their music. I also said that their Christmas EP is my favorite thing that they've ever done, that I've listened to the most.

Later in the day, I decided to re-listen to it. It holds up. I still love it, and think that it belongs in the running for any Greatest Christmas Albums list.

Listening to it gave me this idea. I've been cranky. I've been itching for another break. Why not take the break during Advent/Christmas again? Sounds good to me.

But, I'll use this method of time travel to schedule weekly posts for when I'm gone.

I'm not sure if any of these posts will be board game related. What they'll definitely include are some of my favorite Advent and Christmas songs. Whether or not you're observing the season, I hope you enjoy the music.

If that's not enough, here's a Spotify playlist from a mostly-silent-these-days geekbuddy, a bonafide Low fan:

Edit (11/24/22):
12 days later. 3 days before you could possibly be seeing this. I'm still time traveling. Aren't we all.
I never finished writing the other posts. I'm going to delete them, maybe just keeping one brief Christmas post.

Edit (11/26/22):
This post is already scheduled. It will post.
But I've actually changed my mind about logging off.
Another post may follow,
You've been warned.
Unsubscribe now,

Enjoy the Low EP. And the Low playlist.

Keep playing games with loved ones.

See you when I see you.
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