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How broken would a Chess v Checkers scenario actually be?

Niko Lepka
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I stumbled upon this saying once again today, sounding something like "we're all playing checkers, but my man over here is playing chess".

That got me thinking.

Chess and Checkers are both played on the same board, so it stands to reason one could make a setup where one player plays chess and the other plays checkers.

All the rules for both games would need to be followed (choose your flavour of Checkers)

- Chess can castle and double step with the pawns
- Checkers has forced captures but can chain captures
- Chess wins by exhausting Checkers' pieces
- Checkers wins via checkmate or by capturing the king.

The only real problem I can see arising from this setup, would be the fact that Checkers is only played on one colour of squares, so Chess could hide from Checkers on the spaces in between. This does however mean that exactly one bishop would remain completely useless.
An alternate Chess setup would be required to place both bishops on the same colour.

Alternatively, a game of Turkish Checkers or Eximo which places the checkers on both colour squares on the board.

Sidenote: this makes me wonder if it's possible to make a Hnefatafl/Chess crossover game.

With Chess and Checkers (or any of the variants) being such different games in terms of raw gameplay, I really can't help but wonder how much of an advantage one side would have compared to the other.
Chess has 5 pieces with unlimited range movement out of the box, while Checkers has none (that is unless you count capture chains).

Maybe a 7Ă—7 Dragonfly type deal could be benefitial. Robbing the Chess side of their queen, and forcing both bishops onto the same colour could be just the right amount of tweaking necessary to make the game fair and balancedâ„¢.

Maybe this has already been done before and deemed completely broken in favour of one of the two sides, I'm honestly not actually sure.

I'd love to hear some insights from the rest of the community on this matter.
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