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Trick-Taking! Climbing! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6!

I recently answered some questions about trick-taking and climbing for a poll. I've since cleaned up the answers and tweaked my rankings a bit. I figured I'd post them here.

What's really crazy to me is that all of these games are new-to-me from the last three years. I may be swimming in the deep end now, but I'm also still not far removed from the "newb" feeling of being overwhelmed. It has been fun and a bit strange to have jumped on the trick-taking bandwagon right before a huge explosion in trick-taking interest. For example, in early 2020 I was able to get just about every major 90s/00s/10s trick-taking game in trades. Because of the increased interest (as evidenced by video channels, podcasts, conventions), many of these games now either can't be found at all or are only available at ridiculous prices. I'm glad to have tried some of these commercial games in order to form my opinion (which I did not have at the start) that traditional deck games are almost always better than commercial deck games. I still keep up with new releases, but not many of them actually interest me. In the future, I'm mostly hoping to continue exploring traditional deck designs, old and new.

Top Trick Taking Games
1. Hearts
2. Coiffeur-Jass
3. Mittlere Jass (and/or Plus-Minus)
4. Twister Jass
5. Barbershop
6. Oh Hell
7. Mu
8. Doppelkopf
9. Cowbell
10. Ziegen Kriegen

Top Climbing Games
1. Dickory
2. Bacon (6p)
3. Haggis
4. Eat or Run
5. Bacon (4p)
6. Ambiente Abissal
7. Ambiente Abissal
8. Ambiente Abissal
9. Tuhao
10. Tichu

Top 2 Player TT/Climbing Games
1. Dickory
2. Haggis
3. Eat or Run
4. Tuhao
5. Barbershop
6. Twister-Jass
7. Nein Nimmt!
8. Vidrasso
9. Jekyll vs. Hyde

At 2p, I like climbing more than trick-taking, but I like other games even more. If the list options were expanded to other card games, I'd add Sea Salt & Paper to the current #1 spot, Scopa at #2 or #3, and Gin Rummy somewhere in the middle (it would have been higher, but right now SS&P is scratching that same itch only even better). Chonkers would also be here.

Top 3 Player TT/Climbing Games
1. Coiffeur-Jass
2. Mittlere Jass
3. Ambiente Abissal
4. Cowbell
5. Nein Nine
6. Hearts
7. Boon
8. Las Vegan
9. Short Zoot Suit
10. Ninety-Nine

Top 4 Player TT/Climbing Games
1. Hearts
2. Back Porch
3. Bacon
4. Doppelkopf
5. Coiffeur-Jass (cheating b/c I haven't played at 4)
6. Arm's Length
7. Oh Hell
8. Bears
9. Ziegen Kriegen
10. Crescendo

Top 5 Player TT/Climbing Games
1. Mu
2. Oh Hell
3. Briscola Chiamata
4. Ziegen Kriegen
5. Hearts
6. Vivaldi
7. Minimisere
8. Strife
9. Knockout Whist
10. Maskmen

Top 6+ Player TT/Climbing Games
1. Bacon
2. Bacon
3. Bacon
4. Bacon
5. Bacon
6. Bacon
7. Bacon
8. Bacon
9. Bacon
10. Bacon

Top Want to Play Games
Barbu, Basho, Tien Len, Speedy Delivery, Mittelmäßig, Noodlin', Nokuso Dice, Dealer's Dilemma, Sasaki, Differenzler, more Parletts

Those "want-to-plays" were off the top of my head. There are at least a dozen more that I'd like to play equally as much equally as soon.

Interestingly, at 2p, I like non-tt, non-climbing options, but not so much at other player counts (with the exception, I guess, of Poker at 6+). Can anyone recommend to me any other non-tt, non-climbing games at higher player counts? Are there any? (I'm perhaps unfairly excluding kid/social games; I do like Old Maid, Go Fish, Snap, ERS, Uno, Spoons).
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