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...same result, different setting...

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Day 2261. March 11, 2023. Lagos...

It's been a while since we visited our friends on the other side of the river for those hearty lunches of friendship followed by a game or two while the kids played nearby. Work, sick kids, unsynced agendas... the usual suspects are to blame here.

But this afternoon, there was an opening in both families, so Alice and I left the house to meet them at their new one. Much closer to ours than the previous, augurs more potential for future get-togethers. But that's still several months away. Their new home needs more than just a paint job to get it back into livable conditions, and it's still devoid of any furniture whatsoever. So the only spot Joel and I could play a game - we must always play a game, no matter what's happening around us - was the white tarp in the living room before it could be used as floor protection against random paint splashes.

It was ok. The birds still knew how to fly, even in this unlikeliest of places.

From gallery of ZombieBoard

Addict birders.

The setting was different, and the house new, but some things will never change. Meaning, I continue to lose any game I bring to play against this guy. A decade-long chronic ailment for which the only treatment is to keep trying.

I put out a streak of rapid Bluebirds on the grasslands, tailed by the bonus cards from the Painted Bunting and a Song Sparrow that wouldn't sit still on a single habitat for more than one turn. It was the first time I saw the true potential of these guys, to the extent of considering them near vital in a winning wildlife preserve. But my friend's preservation had not only a Common Nighthawk to match my Sparrow but also the usual fare of passive resource-gathering birds that turned his habitat into a veritable buffet of maggots, rats, and berries. Both of us had three bonus cards, but only he scored the maximum in two of them. And no matter how many eggs my birds laid to try and offset this visible unbalance, it wasn't even close when the tally was over.

Oh well... I'll have more chances of losing by a mile against my friend. For now, I'm just happy that his family is embarking on a new adventure so close to our home.

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Photos & Images: ZombieBoard
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