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Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode 96

Richard Ham
United States
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0:00 Sponsor segment
1:14 Intro

Game Questions
2:04 Best of Aeon’s End?
3:01 Too much luck in co-ops?
16:33 Mancalas?
28:55 Thorgal?
32:46 Narrative adventure games?
37:26 The rankening series?
41:42 Big designer’s lesser known games?
45:49 One game to represent the hobby?
56:12 One game to represent humanity?
57:23 Boardgames as art?
1:02:44 What are pubs getting better and worse at?
1:05:29 Innovative euro twists?
1:12:22 Enormity of games?
1:15:30 The truth about Bruno Cathala?
1:18:56 Earth too sandbox-ey?
1:21:38 Games getting too combo-ey?
1:30:24 Best games of our early childhood?
1:45:30 Jen’s top 5 games?
1:49:46 What kind of gamer is Jen?
1:52:57 How has boardgaming changed our relationship?

Personal Questions
1:55:25 An epic defense of Sports!
2:09:29 Kevin Smith’s amazing therapy video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBvc7Ny4iUk
2:14:00 No sports = no Ted Lasso?
2:16:22 More defense of sports!
2:20:50 Hogwarts Legacy used?
2:27:16 How about this Eric Lang quote?
2:32:24 Fave and least fave moments of the road trip?
2:51:14 Sports defense continues!
3:01:44 Jen prefer fantasy or sci-fi literature? Fave authors?
3:06:49 Most impactful moves about race?
3:09:15 Immigration?
3:14:40 What shaped our agnosticism/atheism?
3:24:21 Buddhism thoughts?
3:26:35 Clint Eastwood vs Harrison Ford vs Kevin Costner?
3:28:12 Beatles vs Rolling Stones vs Led Zeppelin
3:28:33 Pirates of Caribbean vs Lord of the Rings vs Matrix
3:30:02 Bach vs Beethoven vs Mozart
3:30:31 Working with Pfister vs Feld vs Kramer?
3:31:18 Koala vs Penguin vs Sea Otter?
3:31:55 Jen’s words of wisdom?
3:33:37 Doggos!
3:34:44 Outro
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