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This Great Crusade-Part 24

Mark Buetow
United States
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Combat Commander Archivist
Move! Advance! Fire! Rout! Recover! Artillery Denied! Artillery Request! Command Confusion...say what?!
The Allies Suffer Setbacks, Fall, 1943

Allied forces around the globe faced stiff resistance from enemy forces in the early Autumn. A summary of these recent battles follows.

Russian Paratroops halted near Veliki Bukrin Bridgehead, September 25

Russian forces attempt to drop units to engage the Germans. Fighting commences as the Russian units get organized and move out. A key hilltop objective is the site of a bloody hand-to-hand fight which leads to surrender by Soviet forces.

Near Jivavenang, New Guinea, October 9

Australian troops worked hard to seize two key objectives along a thoroughly jungle-covered knoll on the island of New Guinea. The Japanese, however, with their relentless and often terrifying banzai charges, were able to sweep our ANZAC allies from their positions and overwhelm them.

Song River, New Guinea, October 17

Barges of Japanese attackers reached the Song River and the men they carried were first cut to ribbons by an Engineer name Van Noy. His foxhole was quickly overrun and the Japanese regained their composure and worked their way along the left side of the battlefield, taking out a Pack Howtizer and then crossing the river to eventually drive the Australian troops from the objectives they held.

Game Notes

Scenario 30 is a Combat Commander: Europe battler from the Combat Commander: Battle Pack #1 – Paratroopers. Our Soviet fighting spirit was strong but not enough to overcome the toughness of the Germans. The action centered around Objective 4. I got my men into it but did not get them out soon enough. The Soviets need to harass the Germans and then gain exit VPs. The Germans advanced in and the Soviet surrender level is only 4, so we were done for. Germans win by Soviet Surrender.

Scenario 113 is from Combat Commander: Pacific and was published in C3i magazine. This was a rough one. The Aussies need to take Objectives 4 and 5. We managed to get 4 and eventually 5 but were thrown out of 4 and took such heavy losses that we couldn't regain VP ground. Once the Japanese reinforcements arrive and they began their Banzai charges, we just couldn't hold on. The Aussies were swept off the knoll mercilessly. Japanese win by Allied surrender.

Scenario M12 is from the Combat Commander: Battle Pack #4 – New Guinea. This fight begins as a fish-in-a-barrel shoot for the Allies. I dropped Hoss a couple hexes from the Japanese right off and tore up both "barges" with immediate .50 cal attacks. Wire and mines helped Hoss take out some more. Once his foxhole was overrun, Blakely began directing fire from his squad and the team with the Pack Howitzer. The Japanese, however, rallied, and, incredibly, took out Blakely and his men and finally crossed the river. Objective 3 was taken unopposed and a single squad was able to wipe out Nichols' forces to gain objective 2. Right as we started hitting Sudden Death, the Japanese were thus able to elicit a big swing and when SD hit at 8, they had triumphed! Japanese win with 3 VP.

Our current play through of all the scenarios in the Combat Commander Series stands at Allies-Axis, 27-31.
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