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New Game Round-up: More Marvel Heroes for Legendary, Colovini Visits the Golden Horn & Multi-Colored Trick-Taking in Crazy Lab

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Grill Party designers Jordi Gené and Gregorio Morales have a pair of games coming out in the near future, one being the trick-taking game Crazy Lab from AMIGO Spiel, due out February 2013. Here's a summary of gameplay:

In Crazy Lab, the players are mad scientists mixing colorful liquids to make explosive mixtures. Each card features a vial that contains several liquids – that is, colored and numbered suits – and players will collect these cards if they win the trick. Each player has a randomly-dealt public color that counts as negative points for him, and after checking his dealt cards each player chooses a secret hidden color for which he'll score positive points at game end. Finally, each player chooses two more colors that will be added to the trump deck.

Each round, a card from the trump deck is revealed, then players sequentially play any card from their hand. Whoever plays the card with the highest trump color wins the trick. But beware! Since the vials contain liquids in several colors, even if the trump is blue, you could be getting a lot of red liquid!

After all cards in hand have been played, the game ends, and whoever has the highest score wins.

(HT: Cubo Magazine)

The other title from Gené and Morales, which will be released by the Spanish branch of Edge Entertainment in December 2012 or January 2013, is Bauhaus, which when first designed was about goat-herding and titled ¡Valla Cabra!. In their chronology of the design, they note that production cost was a concern with the game, which is perhaps why the goats were axed and replaced with something that doesn't cry out for wooden figures. An overview of the game:

Bauhaus' aesthetics are based on the famous Staatliche Bauhaus school of design and are reflected in Bauhaus, a game in which the players are constantly messing with one another's plans while they try to fence off and claim territory.

Each turn, the active player chooses one of four available action cards on the table. By doing so, she places barriers on the board to try to enclose territory with her pieces inside. Players keep choosing actions until the deck is exhausted, at which time the game ends. Whoever has the most points (enclosed area) wins.

• On December 4, 2012, U.S. publisher Upper Deck Entertainment announced expansion plans for Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, although details of exactly what the expansions (yes, plural) will contain is sketchy for now:

By no later than August 2013, Upper Deck Entertainment will release the first "Big Box" expansion, followed by a "Small Box" expansion. The Big Box release will occur at the same time each year (every August) and the Small Box release will occur every 3-4 months thereafter. This format, known as "A Legendary Expansion Release Timeline" (A.L.E.R.T.) will allow for fresh content to be released year round, providing players with the very best content Marvel has to offer.

Contentwise, the Big Box will feature up to 350 cards including heroes, villains, masterminds and schemes. This set will release once per year and will revolve around a major event from either the past or the present Marvel lineage. The Small Box will feature up to 100 cards and will be focused on new teams and villain groups, and of course those all important schemes. These expansions will provide year round content that players will see regularly on store shelves.

That said, UDE's Jason Brenner did note in the press release that X-Force and Marvel Knights will appear in that August 2013 expansion.

• In the rumor department this time, we have this news item from Heidelberger Spieleverlag, which will release the German version of the 2013 release The Mystery of the Templars from designer Silvio Negri-Clementi and Italian publisher Giochi Uniti/Stratelibri. So what's the rumor? While Stratelibri has released several titles in the past (Kingsburg, Olympus, Constantinopolis) that were then later distributed or published by Fantasy Flight Games, FFG has not announced anything with regard to The Mystery of the Templars. The Heidelberger news item, however, includes the "FFG" tag in the topic line. We'll see whether that connection comes to pass...

• On Facebook, designer Leo Colovini has revealed the cover image of Golden Horn: Von Venedig nach Konstantinopel, a new game from Piatnik due out February 2013. No details other than the cover image and the Wikipedia-fueled knowledge that the Golden Horn is "an inlet of the Bosphorus dividing the city of Istanbul and forming the natural harbor that has sheltered Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and other ships for thousands of years". (HT: DE Tric Trac)

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