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Back when we discovered BGG in 2004, my wife Robin (helenoftroy), and I, started recording plays and posting session reports under "The Honeymooners" moniker. It's hard to imagine eight years have passed since! Therefore, feeling nostalgic, I'm bringing "The Honeymooners" back and adding our two precocious boys, Bailey and Jakob, to the roster. This blog will record sessions and comments regarding our current game play and how we're introducing gaming concepts to our children. Enjoy!
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Three Great Games and One. . . well, not so much

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This past week, Hilary surprised me by taking two days off work before my classes start. This is the calm before the storm; my life is getting ready to get really busy. We had a really great four day weekend. Friday, we took the boys out of school to see The Hobbit.

This weekend, we played The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus, D-Day Dice, Kingdom Builder, and DungeonQuest 3rd Edition.

I picked up Pyramid of Horus for Hilary for Christmas this year. The original game Temple of Chac was a huge hit with the kids. They loved the Indiana Jones feel of the rolling ball. This next game was much more difficult, lots of tension. I wasted a handful of turns trying to unlock a relic. I was bit by a snake, touched by a mummy but avoided the scorpions and alligators. I lost the game after getting blocked in by the last stone falling from the ceiling.

We lost our game of D-Day Dice. I made it out of the final bunker with 15 soldiers remaining while Hilary lost too many units to machine gun fire in the area before getting to the final bunker. We plan to replay the scenario. We are hooked on D-Day Dice. Again, lots of tension.

Our next game was Kingdom Builder, a great building game that I got Hilary for Christmas. It was a surprisingly simple game, in comparison to what we normally play and only took 30 minutes. It is actually nice to have a game where you can dive right in instead of spending the afternoon learning how to play. It is a fun building strategy game where points are divided by the placement of your settlements.

After Kingdom Builder, I read this hilarious review of Dungeon! (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/908840/if-your-normal-yo...) which put me in the mood for a dungeon crawl. Having never played DungeonQuest 3rd edition, we decided to give it a try, not a wise choice I might add. I remember playing the original. While I did not detest it, I found the game pretty impossible to win. However, this was not inherently a bad thing because I do like trying to figure out how to get through the maze.

DungeonQuest 3rd edition is by far my least favorite dungeon crawl, possibly my least favorite game not counting the completely unplayable Cootie. I know, I know; DungeonQuest is just a funny see all the crazy crap that will happen to your character game. I get that. But I do not get to make any meaningful choices, no consequences are based on the decisions I make. Even if I pick a direction to move, it doesn’t matter because what I encounter is based on the draw of a card not the direction. Either direction I choice, it would still be the same card drawn.

The combat was pointless and incredibly long. I didn’t even get any loot after defeating the demon. You’d think I would have got something, a gem, a weapon, some dead explorer I found in its belly, something. All and all, a painfully boring game.

I ended up winning the game with $250 gold. I didn’t venture very far into the dungeon. I escaped a Gollum and defeated a Demon, gained nothing but ten wounds for defeating the Demon. Hilary ran out of time. We wasted 5 or 6 turns because he couldn’t roll the right number to reignite his torch.
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