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Top 10 Card Games with Two - Honorable Mentions, 10 & 9

Jason Moslander
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Top 10 Card Games with Two - Honorable Mentions, 10 & 9
The 2-player-only genre of games seems to focus in on card games. This is for a couple of reasons. One, they are cheap to make, and second the publisher doesn't have a huge investment that only appeals to a small part of the market. The good thing for those of us who love 2-player games is that there are lots of 2-player card games, and if you expand that to any card game that plays with two then you have an even larger pool. So, we have decided to do a Top 10 list on some of our favorite card games that play with two. These are not just 2-player-only games, but any card game that can work well with two players. For the sake of argument, we are going to define a card game as, "any game where the primary device or mechanic that drives the game is cards." So, with that let's getting rolling:

Honorable Mentions
Summoner Wars, St. Petersburg, Race for the Galaxy, and Rivals for Catan

to be fair all of these games are great, and I would play any of them any time. Saint Petersburg is one of the more underrated games out there. Summoner Wars is a beautiful game, but just not my cup of tea most of the time, however, I would play it whenever anyone chooses it. Race for the Galaxy just doesn't get to the table enough, even though it is a good game. And Rivals is a great way to play Catan with 2.

Number Ten - Yomi
Yomi is one of the best 2-player games that I have played. The mind games that ensue are great. The game uses a paper, rock, scissor mechanic that keeps players guessing. The only problem that I've found with the game is that an experienced player has a big advantage over a novice. They know the cards in their deck and their opponents deck. This is a big advantage in this game. The only other problem is the cost, this one runs about $100. Both of these things keep the game at #10. If you are planning on playing this against the same person it is a good game, but if you plan on playing against the same person and you are evenly matched then maybe one to consider.

Number Nine - Lost Cities
Lost Cities is one of the go to 2-player games for most gamers. This especially true for husband/wife boyfriend/girlfriend combos. We enjoy this one because it is quick and easy. It's great to play during the week, when you want to play a game, but only have a few minutes. But, if you do decide to pick up Lost Cities be sure you have a calculator or a Rain Man, because the end game scoring can be a bear. Other than that, solid card game, and you always wish you had just one more turn. Lost Cities is a solid buy for me, and I don't think it will be leaving my collection anytime soon. Although their are some cards games that have surpasses Lost Cities it has stood the test of time, and continues to be a favorite among couples.

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