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Top 10 2-Player Card Games - Numers 8 & 7

Jason Moslander
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Our look at card games that play well with two continues. A quick reminder that these are not exclusively two-player-only games, and our definition of a card game is, "any game where the primary device or mechanic that drives the game is cards." This is a very subjective definition and therefore a game that I might exclude will be on your list.

8. Citadels
Citadels has been in my game collection for about a year now, and unfortunately it just hasn't seen the table enough. I have played it a couple times with a larger group, and it plays very well with 5-6 players. I have also found out recently that this is a stellar two-player game. This is a huge plus for me. There are very few games that can support a large group (up to 7) and still play well with 2. Don't get me wrong, the dynamic and playtime are very different when you have varying numbers of players, but that is true in almost every game.

One of the reasons I love Citadels is that it is easy to learn and it is a fairly quick game. It is also a very social game as you try to figure out what your opponents are thinking. When you are playing with two players this escalates into mind games with one another, especially if you and your opponent don't play nice. Trying to get someone to lose their money or their turn can be defeating, especially in a two-player grudge match.

Finally, Citadels is a great value. It runs at about $20-25 and it takes up minimal shelf space. Both of these are a plus. It's versatility is another reason it is a good value. There are few games that play in about an hour and can support 2-7 players. There even fewer games that play well with all those player numbers. This is a great game and could probably fit on some list for great games that play with 6 or more or 7 or more players.

7. Smash Up
One of the big games coming out of GenCon 2012 was Smash Up. I really have a love hate relationship with this game. I think the game play and theme of this game is great. It has a lot to offer and brings a fairly unique theme and idea together. However, the lack of scoring components and the sticker price ($30 MSRP), hurt this one a little. Once you get yourself four D20s or D12s to keep score and you stop looking at your bank statement you have a solid game.

The game play for Smash Up is fairly straightforward and the game can play quickly. I do believe the game can tend to drag a bit at times. This is especially true in a four player game with lots of thinkers, and in 2-player games in can turn slow if bases are not scoring quickly. I do love that the game gives you the ability to be as creative as you want to be. What can be better than a Pirate/Alien combo or Dinosaurs and Ninjas? The creativity just shouts "FUN", and the in the end, even with it's flaws this game is just a lot of fun. It is thematic and the cards bring that theme to life. There are not many other card games that have this feel to them. The only other game that comes close for me is King of Tokyo.

Although Smash Up has is shortcomings, I still love this game. It is a lot of fun, and with a new expansion on the way that gives you a way to keep score as well as new factions, I must say that I am a bit excited.

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