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Wizard Academy Puzzle Solution: The Firefighter

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It's time again for a new puzzle, but first here's the solution to the first puzzle. It's a couple of weeks old now and soon the rules updates and patches will mean that it cannot be completed (as the rules will no longer provide the full text for the unstable room which is obscured in the image). This was a very hard one, future puzzles will aim to be a little more gentle.

Solution to The Firefighter

Bob uses his move action to go south to the Unstable Room. He then uses his magic action and two brown runes to cast "Dimension Twist". He rotates his room 90 degrees anticlockwise. As he has cast a dimension spell in the unstable room he is allowed to swap it with an adjacent room so he swaps it with the mana crystal. He doesn't need his room action for anything so he ends his turn. The mana crystal is now safe on two sides, the bottom meets the edge of the board and the top is blocked by the wall on the unstable room.

Myrrins "wildmagic" goes off with no noticeable effect. She uses a magic action and a brown and a blue rune to cast "dash" gaining three move actions. With these she moves into the treasure room (1 move) and uses her staff of blast (1 move), then moves back into the mana crystal (1 move). She then uses her regular move action to reach the library and downgrades her room action to a move action in order to use the staff of blast one final time. The blast spell achieves nothing on its own, but it is an elemental spell. Myrrin's ability is that whenever she casts an elemental spell she may change one type of token into another. It does not matter whether she turned the fire tokens into ice or water tokens, the mana crystal is now safe on all four sides and will survive Bob's fire card.

Congradulations to Carcer who was the only person to submit a correct answer, he'll get a bonus card if he ultimately orders the game and will have a chance to get a free copy of the game (or upgraded version if he still wants to buy one). He also submitted this answer, which I feel deserves a wider audience than just me:

"Bob does nothing but put a Type 1 brown rune into his shared space, and ends his turn. Myrrin immediately uses Bob's Type I and her Type VI to cast Create Staff, to which she applies her Type I and Type III runes to make a Staff of Dash, and discards her old Staff of Blast.

Myrrin can now get three extra move actions by spending a move action, with two moves left to spend. Myrrin stalls defeat forever by using infinite move actions to technically continue playing the game while never allowing Bob's fire disaster to take place. Thus, the disaster cannot cost the game; it is Myrrin's now, and she intends to play forever. Bob perceives naught but a Touhou-coloured blur occupying all possible spaces in the last few perceived seconds of his existence."

The solution to The Exterminator will be posted next week. I've not yet been sent a solution that results in the highest number of killed imps that I can obtain, so even if you don't have the perfect solution it's worth sending one in, since I'll treat whoever whacks the largest number of Imps as a winner.
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