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Anomia: A tale of a BBQ Party with some Kiwis

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A kiwi guy i know was having a BBQ on Friday, I've just bought Anomia so I sleeved up my blue deck and brought it and Fluxx. Eventually everyone got tired of watching the small BBQ and came indoors. Then I broke out the game. You might think a game with a rule max of 6 people wouldn't work with 9. This one worked beautifully.

Set up a sample three person split to show how the game played and then we hopped in it. As expected this is a game that works great in groups and even better when everyone gets drunk. To keep the games going if you weren't paying attention that just lost you a card. The casual nature of the game help. Losing a card wasn't the end of the world.

For the most part as always the game got rather intense. We even had our own screamer (someone who upon seeing a match just started screaming while trying to think).

In terms of rule alterations we eventually changed it so that drawing a wild card means you draw again. I think that's something I'll keep in future games.

The Downsides

The drawback of this many people was that there were times when some of us didn't have any cards in front of us. It was never that big of an issue since you were just a round away from being back in the game. The other thing was card repeats. We need to establish in the future that once said a word can't be used for the rest of the night. That'll keep the intensity but it does raise problems with cards like "Astronauts" and "Blues Musicians" that none but me know more than 2 of. Still it's a very very minor hurdle. I'm considering whether or not to do card voting where at the end of a round we vote out 2 cards that no one knows. It only serves to maximize the entertainment value with little harm to the balance.

As a drinking game

I've always said children's games make the best drinking games. This isn't really a children's game but it's simple like one and as a drinking game this would work very well. Considering how much of the game is based on showdowns loser shots are impractical. Considering how little there is to the game there's not much else to play with. One of the ladies suggested shots on wild cards. I like this idea and since my cards are sleeved we can toy with this in numerous ways.

1. Shot on losing wild cards: take a shot if you lost on a wild card showdown

I also have a few ideas that came to me after thinking of that

2. Put one shot glass on each symbol of the wild card (when one appears). Shot if your in the showdown and your card matches the symbol - problem is if someone keeps winning showdowns they keep drinking.. than again.. maybe that's our goal

3. Take out one card of each symbol. Put shot on each card. Loser of a showdown drinks the shot on that symbol. Refill only when all shots are empty.

Parting Thoughts

First off from now on BOTH decks. Only bringing the Blue deck was a mighty sore aspect of the game. It would have killed off a lot of the repetition. 2 maybe 3 games of Blue and then bringing out Red would have just amped up everything. Also... maybe I look into this Anomia Party Edition

Anomia - Party Edition
Feed your Anomia addiction!

Diehard Anomia fans and novices alike will love the Anomia Party Edition, featuring 6 all-new decks and over 425 unique categories, plus customizable bank cards for adding your own categories in every deck!

Play the Party Edition decks on their own or intermingle them with the original decks for hours of mad fun!

For 3-6 players, ages 10+.

Six decks also sounds kinda hardcore.. I'm down with that. And with regular Anomia being $13 and Party Ed being $15.. the investment is rather small. I'm tempted to buy it right now and make my 500? card box ALL Anomia.

I brought Fluxx Family as well but we never got to it. Fluxx is a very simple game. It has one rule, Draw a card, play a card. Everything else is written directly on the cards you play. That said it looks complicated especially in comparison to Anomia. Next time I'll try to start with Fluxx and given that there's no strategy I'll toss it out as a casual game to play before everyone is ready. That said it can take a while, 1 maybe 2 games should cover it. We'll see then if people like it or not and THEN I'll bring out Anomia where less reading, and deep thinking is required.

I saw at one point a box for Quelf I have no idea what that is. That said between the fact that at one point someone wanted to play Charades and this video:

I'm somewhat interested in seeing that this game is.

Unfortunately I didn't break out the camera until after we started pure drinking games so even if I had everyone's permission no pics. Maybe next time.
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