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Top 10 2-Player Card Games - #1

Jason Moslander
United States
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We have reached the end of our Top 10 journey. Here is a look back at the first 9, and then onto number one.

10. Yomi
9. Lost Cities
8. Citadels
7. Smash Up
6. Carnival
5. Jaipur
4. Revolver
3. Morels
2. Lord of the Rings the Card Game

#1 Dominion
Dominion is still in this slot, as our favorite 2-player card game. Yes, this game is great with 3 and I would say 4 as well (although some would beg to differ). However, we love to play this one with just the two of us. And yes, it seems like almost every time we play I destroy Mrs. Games with Two, but she always comes back for more. I believe the reason for this is that half the fun of Dominion is seeing how all the cards interact with one another. It is almost more fun to play a bunch of cards in front of you, than to actually try to score points. One of our friends plays this way all the time. He always loses, but he has a blast doing so. And because of this the game continues to be one of our favorites. It has infinite replay ability with the endless cards and expansions and you can try new strategies out all the time. And I really think that is why we continue to love this game. And even though their are other deck builders out there that have better themes, it seems like nothing beats the original deck builder.

WHAT! WHY ISN"T (enter your favorite card game here) ON YOUR LIST! Well, there are some notable games missing from our list. First, Battleline by Reiner Knizia. The reason this game isn't on our list is simple, I have yet to play it. I know it is one of the infamous 2-player card games, but just haven't had chance to try it out yet. I am sure that once I get a chance to play this one it will be on our list. Second, Android: Netrunner, I have had a chance to play this one, but it has only been recently and I have yet to make a decision on how I feel about it. I am thinking that it will be in my Top 10 card games soon, and you can see what I think about Netrunner once I do a full review of it in the not so distant future. Finally, Magic: The Gathering. This one is off my list because I am not a CCG (Collectible Card Game) player. I have never played one, and I don't plan to. If someone really wanted to play Magic, I would be glad to indulge them, but it just isn't my style. So with those notable snubs, I am sure that I still left off one of your favorites. So, what is your favorite 2-player card game?

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