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Day 4. An art interlude

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And right after the multi-gendered multi-racial picture of people playing a game of FAE, we get to the character part.

Actually, I will talk about the picture. (Have you noticed that I talk about pictures more than I talk about the text itself? It's because my psychological age is 3. I'm in my picture-liking period right now.)
The "big book" has a similar picture too (lets call it the "serious" picture), but the one in FAE is superior in every possible way (besides one detail - the "serious" picture has men with bellies; go realism!).
First, of all, the FAE one depicts just regular people playing a game. The "serious" one has a bunch of hipsters, complete with fancy t-shirts, bottled water and unexplainable serenity in their eyes. Here, take a look.

Wait, actually maybe they are not hipsters. The woman at the farthest end of the table looks like a sales person on a motivation meeting: with one hand up in the air cheering and the second one readily positioned to take notes of the Holy Manager speaking. The guy on her right has already removed his jacket and tie, so he can afford acting skeptical: "Come on, who will buy this crap!" An the mulletted GM answers him while pointing a finger: "Everybody, because, George, you will sell it!" The indie-girl at the front looks like she's about to go. I can totally understand that, she is foreign on this zaibatsu happening.

The picture from FAE is a real deal. The spectacled guy has just rolled his dice, and the serious girl counts the number of successes. The big eyed GM shows how much the roll was under the target number, simultaneously managing to demonstrate a double-vulcan sign with one hand! And the long haired... person? is fascinated by the GM. I feel a strong romance potential here.
So, you see? Simple, just paper sheets, dice and a lot of tension and excitement. And this I call art.
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