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Cube Pusher

This is the story of my gaming misadventures. My aim for 2013 is to play at least 10 games 10 times in an attempt to "learn" them. Which might be easier said than done. Last year I played 300 times, 120 different games, 67 of them once and only 4 games for than 10 times, so here goes the games.
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UK Games Expo report part 1: Netrunner Nationals. 25th May 2013.

Andy Gordon
United Kingdom
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I've been to every UK Games Expo so far, so when they announced a Netrunner Tournament it was a no brainer, two of my favourite things under one roof

So after months of preparation and testing (well a few games against Pete, who makes the local meta Shaper and Weyland) I was ready to win.....well my aim of the tournament was to steal and score at least 1 agenda and not come last.

Because all tournament reports need deck lists here's mine.

Runner: Noise

3 Test Run
2 Inside Job
3 Infiltration
3 Deja Vu
2 Stimhack

3 Kati Jones
3 Liberated Account
3 Armitage Codebusting

3 Plascrete Carapace
2 Cyberfeeder

2 Crypsis
1 Yog
1 Corroder
1 Mimic
3 Datasucker
1 Medium
1 Wyrm
3 Parasite
3 Djinn
3 Imp

Corp: Weyland Building a better world.

3 Hostile Takeover
3 Project Atlas
1 Government Contracts
3 Executive Retreat

3 Beanstalk Royalties
2 Oversight AI
3 Green Level Clearance
3 Hedge Fund
2 Anonymous Tip

3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY

2 Archer
3 Wall of Static
3 Chimera
3 Ice Wall
3 Caduceus
2 Hadrian's Wall
3 Pop up Window

So with deck lists handed in I sat down and faced Paul Burton (I think he came 6th in the Swiss). He was playing Gabe and Fast Advance HB.

Round 1 game 1.
My Corp hates playing criminal thanks to not wanting to be broke all the time to pay for all those agendas, luckily for me Paul never found a Corp breaking account syphon, that said he didn't need them as he completely out played me winning 7-4. The highlight of the game for me was trying to bluff a semi advanced Project Atlas only protected by Ash. I failed but it was good fun.

I scored an agenda is the Corp so my day was already half way to a success!

Round 1 game 2.
I've never played a HB fast advance deck as when on the few occasions that Pete has played a HB deck it is the good old fashioned tower of Ice version. Lets just say it went badly 7-0 badly, but I learnt a lot quickly. That said I did hit all of his servers repeatedly and never hit an agenda.

Paul was a great opponent, and really kind in explaining some of my mistakes and how his deck worked.

Round 2 game 1.
Next up was James Course, another fast advance HB player, but was running with Noise Workshop. Noise Workshop is to slow against my Weyland deck and I win 7-5. However things could of been very different if James had run Archives as he had milled 7 agenda points. Luckily my bluff of 2 unrezzed Pop up Windows stopped him.

Round 2 game 2.
This a case of if you can't run well run lucky. I think I won 7-2 but basically whatever server I hit I scored. James was a great guy and didn't deserve to lose in that way.

During this game I heard the quote of the tournament from the Chaos Theory player to my right "My runners poor she needs some more pocket money!"

I've now completed my goal of scoring and stealing agendas and blagged a win so I'm a happy chappy

Round 3 game 1.
Feeling good about the day I sit down and face Paul Obrin (I think that was your name) who was playing Noise and Jinteki! Yes not a HB fast advance deck instead it was to be a death by 1000 paper cuts. I lose the dice roll again a reoccurring theme for the day and so was the runner first. This was the best game of the tournament for me, highlights include:

Hitting an AI that I couldn't pay for which was a tad embarrassing whistle

Drawing a IMP, Playing it trashing a card, running archives to score the trashed card which was a agenda, then the next turn doing the same again for the win.

Round 3 game 2.
This was another great game with lots of back and forth, Paul won by scoring a 3 pointer from R&D when I had a semi advanced agenda ready for scoring in my next turn to win me the game.

The Round was a draw as we had both won as the runner 7-5. This round was easily the best two games of Netrunner I played in the tournament, both of the games where interactive, tense and very very close. Please FF do something about Fast Advance.

Round 4 game 1.
If I do well I could make top 20, something I wasn't expecting. However I faced Ian Holloway another Noise Workshop HB fast advance player. Ian was a top bloke, and was kind enough after the game explain to me his rather experimental fast advance deck and his Andy deck that he didn't use for the tournament. Thanks Ian I might build a version of the Andy deck as I'm sick of playing Noise. Again I lost the dice roll, Ian chose to play the Corp first. Fast Advance did its thing and I continued my streak of ripping viruses and scoring agendas with them, Noise should be renamed Lucksack. I lose 7-4 but had another Netrunner education.

Round 4 game 2.
Lesson of the game Purge counters often, Ian's Noise Workshop ran Wyldside and was soon milling me cards left right and centre and due to me not purging ran straight through my paper thin defences. I lose 7-0 for the second time but I didn't care because the games had been so much fun. I think Ian came 12th in the end.

I came about 30th out of 40 but won in the end as everybody got a prise. (I got some plastic click tokens)

Thanks to all my opponent's for being great and putting up with either my questions for my complete lucksackery.

A BIG THANKS to the tournament organiser's for making the day run smoothly and a really good experience.

I'll be back for more next year, hopefully I might win 2 rounds
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