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Does eurogame need a theme?

[the series contents:
episode I: About Michiel, the guy who had a strong gut feeling...
episode II: The Needle in a Haystack or How I Came to Find a Publisher
episode III: below ]

It took us few years to establish our position in the market. To show you what are we interested in. To present that we are the guys who connect cubes with a good story. In 2009 with Stronghold we showed that game with 300 wooden pieces can tell a good story about a siege. In 2010 I showed that with a few cards you can tell good post apo story too. 2012 was kind of a summary of setting ground for Portal Games position. With publishing Robinson we convinced anybody who might still have some doubts - here in Portal Games we use euro mechanics to tell stories.

Now we are in a very interesting place. First, we have a loyal base of fans who buy our games because they like what we do. They like our style, they like this unique type of games with euro mechanic and ameritrash stories.

Secondly, game designers know that if they have thematic game, they should send prototype to Trzewik. He is the story guy in the industry.

That is why Michiel had his gut feeling. He had thematic euro game and he expected that I am the right person to publish it.

And yes, he was right.


So why I love The Legacy? Why I decided to publish it?

One of the things I really love in this game is the fact that when I explain rules to new players I use nearly only fluff. No euro-vocabulary. When I teach how to play The Legacy I tell a story of building a great family. I love this moment. I see open eyes and I see people are getting into the game, they understand goal of the game and they want to achieve it. Build house, like Borgios, Starks, Buddenbrooks...

And since you may be interested how the game works, and since you may not believe it is really possible to explain rules of the game with nearly just the fluff, here it is – a proof that you can learn key elements of the game just by understanding the theme.

Look at this short video with some of the elements of the game:

I do strongly believe that The Legacy has rules you don't have to remember. I do strongly believe that The Legacy has rules that you simply understand and you learn them by your heart.

I do believe that when you begin to play the game, you will just sit and play. Nothing to remember, nothing to check, nothing to bother. Just follow the story.

Could I resist falling in love in that game?

And what is also quite interesting... Can you?
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