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This is a blog about my projects here on on the 'geek. I'm famous ( my mind) for starting up loads of projects, and never actually finishing them off. I kind of suck that way.
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3D: The first developer's blog

Peter Brichs
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So, I mentioned in my first post on this blog that I'm working on a game design idea for a solitaire dungeon crawl called Deadly Dice Dungeon or 3D for short.

I've made a design document for this project. In this document, I've written up a short goal for the myself, with regards to the game (what it is).

My goal with this game, is to create a solitaire dungeon crawl.
I want 3D to include
-different kinds of enemies with different AI
-the enemies will be various specialty dice
-at least one pre-created dungeon
-an option for creating random dungeons (think the system from Advanced Heroquest)
-a level up system for the player character
-a class system for the player character
-(a henchman system? maybe for an eventual expansion. Not as important right now)
-tables with random events (i'm thinking 32 or 60 events (roll d6+d6 or d6+d10)
-a combat system that makes sense
-items & treasures, both in the dungeon and a shop the village. I can't decide wether I want items to be cards, or if I want to include a player sheet and have random items on tables
-a dungeon should be playable in 20-30 minutes

In the design document, I've also described a process for me to follow.

Step 1 - Write description of game, and what features I want to implement
Step 2 - Write rules
Step 3 - Playtest with current rules
Step 4 - Rewrite rules
Step 5 - Repeat step 3 & 4 until happy with result
Step 6 - Try and get people to playtest
Step 7 - Rewrite rules
Step 8 - Repeat step 6 & 7 until rules are clear
Step 9 - Release game on BGG.

I am currently on step 1 ~ writing the description of the game. I'm both writing the flavour text (the first iteration of what would go on the back of the box, I guess?) and the description of the game that will later get fleshed out to mechanics and rules.

Flavour text:

You've heard the rumours of the horrible, sanity-defying monsters.
You've seen the mutilations of cattle, the deformed, broken bodies of the villagers and the death that's scourged the land.
You've seen the broken heroes sitting in the local inn, holding their heads in their hands, crying and nursing their wounds.
You've laughed at the puny adventurers that didn't prepare properly, and you've decided to take matters into your own hands.

Deadly Dice Dungeon is a solitaire dungeon crawl with dice depicting the enemies. You will create your hero, and have him brave the dangers of the dungeon, whilst collecting treasures and fighting monsters and leveling him up.

Play the precreated dungeon, or create your own, either using your imagination or the random dungeon generator included in the game rules.

All you need to play this game are a bunch of specialty dice, the rules, and some pieces of squared paper. Deadly Dice Dungeon is a full dungeon crawl experience, in only 20 minutes
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