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Among the best things in life is playing printed games in person with family and close friends. When those are not convenient we like iOS Board Games. News, reviews, previews, and opinions about board gaming on iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Android devices. (iPhone board games, iPad board games, iPod board games, Android board games)
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News Bits: New World Colony Updated, Dynasties, Time's Up (USA) Released, iOS 4.3.3, Carcassonne Expansions?, Might and Card Golden, Keg Bearer Update, Tix Coming, Endeavor for EveryGame

Gabe Alvaro
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• New World Colony Updated to v4.0
• Dynasties Coming
• Repos Releases Time's Up
• iOS 4.3.3 Released
• Update on Carcassonne Expansions
• Might and Card Golden Price Drop
• Keg Bearer Update to v2.0 and Historic Price Drop
• Tix Coming Soon
• Endeavor Module for EveryGame on iPad

• New World Colony Updated to v4.0 - Apr 30, May 3
82 Apps released a "born digital" board game in November 2010 that has since been described as "a "hidden indie gem" that is "a strategic improvement over Settlers of Catan." Now, designer Erik Asmussen has posted to announce a major update to version 4.0 (with a minor hiccup discovered and updated over the weekend.
82 Apps wrote:
What's new

Gameplay changes:
- Forts can now be upgraded to Strongholds, which produce more Colony Points and provide a defensive bonus to the entire region
- Trading posts now automatically convert resources to gold and give you a better sell price
- Rebalanced all structure costs to involve less trading
- Can double-tap on a territory to settle, invade, or build
- Best starting points are highlighted
- Greatly improved AI for all levels (easy, med, hard)
- Added ability to play real-time against AI opponents
- Vastly improved map generation algorithm - will be much fairer regardless of player position
- Added ability to mute sound effects and change AI speed
- Tutorial now covers trading and building walls
- Tutorial can resume from where you left off
- Can pause AI
- Added option to increase AI speed
- Increased starting resources to increase speed of early-game stage
- Remembers your game setting preferences
- Added background music and ambient sound

Display changes:
- Greatly improved graphics performance - runs at a constant 60 fps
- Rebuilt all in-game menus and buttons, added new information overlays, rebuilt launch screen, settings menu
- New icons for all structures
- Ability to see market value in trading screen
- Landscape mode
- Board auto-rotates in all four directions for better tabletop play (simply manually rotate it once and it will remember your preference for the duration of the game)
- Added resource gather animations so you know what you are earning
- Added 'region complete' and 'region blocked' animations
- Smoother animations when selecting new territories
- Added new scoreboard to see player progress (tap the blue CP indicator in the resource bar)
- Added online rule page
- Resources gained from territories will hover when you select a territory
- Screen will slide to a stop when you move it as opposed to stopping immediately

Multiplayer changes:
- Streamlined multiplayer auto-match - now just one button
- Allows you to search for matches while playing single-player
- Can now create a 2 player online game on med or large maps (before, player number was hard-linked to map size)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed multiplayer games not sending wall information
- Fixed crash when exiting rules screen
- Fixed crash when minimizing app while a game was in progress
- Fixed error that allowed AI opponents to spend more resources than they had

• Dynasties Coming - May 2
From BGG News -
W. Eric Martin wrote:
In other iOS news, designer Alan Newman has reported to me that he's signed a contract for an iPhone/iPad version of Dynasties, first released by Jolly Roger Games in 2005, then republished as Sun Tzu in 2010 by Matagot. Says Newman, "This will be multiplayer online, with rankings, ratings, the whole nine yards."

• Repos Releases Time's Up (USA) - May 1
True to their word, Repos Production has released Time's Up for iPhone. The party game app has been priced at $4.99. 4-12 players can take part in the modern classic party game.

• iOS 4.3.3 Released - May 4
Last week Apple released iOS 4.3.3 to patch location bugs. More can be read here.

• Carcassonne Expansions Update - May 5
GameZebo talked to Coding Monkey's own Martin Pittenauer about what's up next for Carcassonne for iOS. Before the expansion, the game will get a Game Center update plus achievements and highscore lists. THEN later will come the expansions, which reportedly they have made "good progress with." I suppose that's kind of vague, but at least it is positive.

• Might and Card Golden Price Drop - May 6
Might and Card Golden (a game that appears to be a Carcassonne clone, which released before the official Carcassonne) has dropped its price from $4.99 to an historic low of $0.99. (Arrgh! Too late. Well, at least you are now aware of this app, if you were not already.)

To find out more about this game, BGG's own Sebastian Blanco posted a review a year ago on TUAW.

• Keg Bearer Gets Update to Version 2.0 and Price Drop! - May 6
Rarely, does an app get both a major update and an historic price drop in the same weekend. Seems the Snowpunch guys are serious about their hex and counter beer brawl!

Snowpunch wrote:
What's new

Single Player AI madness!! Editor madness!! Map editor and unit editors.
- AI or HUMAN player for each side. Mix and match co-op alliances!
- Map Editor: edit rocks & adjust unit start positions.
- Unit Editors: select (0-4) of each unit type. (different for AI and PLAYERS)

These changes add many new play options: (single and multi player)

- player co-op with AI vs other allied AI.
- 1-3 small players vs one HUGE AI side.
- players can adjust rocks and unit starting positions before each battle. If divided map, each side edits their side of the river.
- 3 small AI vs one huge Player. (sizes in terms of # of units)
- AI beserkers and crossbows vs player Defenders.
- help your buddy AI vs the other 2 opponent AI.
- Fine tune AI size and/or player size to offer maximum challenge.
- learn by just watching AI vs AI..
- add rocks to river maps & clear maps.
- adjust random rock maps.
- map editor is multi touch so everyone can adjust their sides at the same time.
- endless combinations and possibilities.

- bug fixes and stability improvements.
- support for ios 3.2 and above.
- icon modification.

These changes were based upon user feedback.

• Tix Coming Soon - May 6
Martijn Althuizen has announced that Tix will be available in the App Store on May 19th. Have a look at the game's development diary on Facebook to see how the game is coming along.

• Endeavor Module for EveryGame on iPad - May 6
BGG user WrongWrongWrong has posted an EveryGame module for Endeavor into the Endeavor file area in the BGG database.

We haven't ever written about EveryGame, but it seems to be starting to get a bit more attention lately. It is an iOS app that allows a user to create and add "dumb" game modules that basically just consist of game components that you move around on the screen in order to play the game face to face. There is no programming or AI and the experience is not unlike you would have with the game components in print. It's been described as "like Vassal for the iPad, but without the online play". I expect we may do a feature on EveryGame at some point. For now you can find out more info about EveryGame by checking it out in the App Store.

There are also these links to info on BGG as well:
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