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Round Trip Rules

David Short
United States
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Luggage... check. Round trip plane tickets... check. Carry-on bag... check. Looks like you and your party of five are ready to head to the airport to catch your flight. Only problem is getting to your flight gate is easier said than done. You must check your luggage, pass security and grab some food, all while avoiding getting bogged down by the hustle and bustle of the terminal. Make sure not to leave behind anyone in your party and... don't miss your flight!

[ Game Components ]
2 Double-sided Airport Boards
10 Marker Discs (2 ea. of Red, Blue, Green, Purple)
16 Black Neutral Cubes
20 Party Cubes (5 ea. of Red, Blue, Green, Purple)
48 Cards

[ Game Setup ]
Decide which airport to use for the game. If this is the first time playing, it is recommended that Airport A be used. Place the chosen board in the middle of the playing surface in reach of all players.

Place all 5 Party Cubes of 1 color (Red, Blue, Green, Purple) at each airport entrance (only 1 color per entrance). Which color goes to which space has no significance. Each entrance has a matching gate. Place 1 matching Marker Disc at each respective gate. For instance, if the Blue Party Cubes start the game at Entrance O3, then place the Blue Marker Disk next to the plane docked at Gate C3.

Place 2 Black Neutral Cubes at all other empty spaces of the airport (ignoring gates).

Each Player should choose a color and place 1 Marker disc of that color in front of them. This will serve as a reminder of what color each player is during the game.

Lastly, shuffle the deck of cards and deal each player 3 cards face down. These cards make up their hand and should be kept hidden from the other players until played. Place the rest of the cards face down as a deck next to the board. The game is ready.

{Insert Picture of Setup Here}

[ Game Flow ]
Each game is played over several rounds. Each round consists of each player taking exactly 1 turn. Each turn has 3 phases that must be conducted in order:

1. Action Phase: Play 1 Action (Optional)
2. Move Phase: Make 1 Move (Mandatory)
3. Score Phase: Score 1 Goal (Optional)

[ Action Phase: Play 1 Action ]
This phase of a player's turn is optional. If the player chooses, they may play 1 of their cards as an action. The player places this card face up in front of them and then carries out the instructions of the card. Some actions take effect immediately, while others may alter a future phase (for instance the Move Phase). The player must discard this card at the end of their turn.

{Insert Example Here}

[ Move Phase: Make 1 Move ]
This phase of a player's turn is mandatory. The player must move at least 1 member of their party from one space to another in the airport.

In order to make a move, the player chooses any space where they have at least 1 member of their party present. They pick up all of the cubes in that space (this includes their cubes, other players' cubes, and Neutrals). These cubes are the active cubes for this move. The player must then decide how far they would like to move with these active cubes. Following the arrows on the board, the player must place one, and only one, of these active cubes in each space they wish to bypass. This process starts with the first adjacent space to where the cubes were originally picked up by the current player. This continues, still following the arrows on the board, leaving 1 active cube in each space that the player wants to move past. At any point the player may decide to stop progressing thru the airport and simply place all remaining active cubes into the space in which they wish to stop at (however, the player must move a minimum of 1 space). When this occurs, or if the player is out of active cubes, their Move Phase is over.

{Insert Example Here}

Special conditions surround arriving at specific gates. Gates are special spaces on the board and may only be landed on with a single cube, specifically the last active cube in a movement. This single cube must match the color of the gate. If it does not match, the move is illegal and the cube must be placed in another space following the Move Phase rules. However, if it does match the gate, proceed to "Boarding a Plane" for more details.

{Insert Example Here}

[ Boarding a Plane ]
When a player successfully arrives at a gate by landing on it with the last active cube of their Move Phase, they must board that plane. Place the cube on any available space of the respective airplane. If the cube boarding the plane belongs to one of the player's at the table, it will score points at the end of the game. If the cube does not belong to a player at the table or if it is a black Neutral cube, the current player gains 2 cards from the draw pile. Neutral planes have "+" symbols to remind the players of this reward.

{Insert Example Here}

[ Score Phase: Score 1 Goal ]
This phase of a player's turn is optional. If the player chooses, they may play 1 of their cards as a goal. The player places this card face up in front of them. This card remains in front of this player for the remainder of the game where it will score points equal to the number in the top left corner during end game scoring.

A card may only be played if the goal depicted on the card is satisfied by the current condition of the board. If the required goal on the card is not met, the card cannot be played.

{Insert Example Here}

After the Score Phase, the player's turn is over. If the player has no cards left in hand, they may draw 1 card. If the player does have cards remaining in hand, they do not draw any new cards. The next player in clockwise order, now begins their turn.

[ Game End ]
The game end is triggered when one of the following two conditions is met:

A) Any one color (including Neutrals) has filled all of their respective planes
B) At least 12 passengers, in any combination of colors, are collectively present among all planes

When one of these two conditions are met, the current round is completed and then the game is finished. Each player adds up their own sum of points for completed goals found on the cards played in front of them. Add to that amount, 5 points for each passenger on their own colored plane. The player with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the tied player with the most passengers on their plane wins. In case a tie persists, the tied player with the most completed goals (quantity of cards) wins. If a tie is still present, play again to determine a winner!

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