Peninsular Campaign

A chronological playing of all the official Peninsular War scenarios with a running score tally in banner counts. Command Card disparity adds banners to the lower command side equal to the disparity amount. French: Mark McG Allies: BrentS
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106 MEDELLÍN (28 MARCH 1809)

Mark McG
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This was a pretty miserable scenario on the whole. Never really had much in the way of cards, so I couldn't press an assault, and the Guerrilla Marker got played over many times.

Started by trying to move Lasalle (the French left) away from the river, and then a Cavalry charge did away with a Spanish LC, and the French HC failed to kill the Spanish HC with 6 dice. That was the only banner I took.

After thwarting multiple attempt by the French on the Right by the Guerrilla marker. Play went, French card, GM, Spanish Scout, French card, GM, Spanish scout.. eventually I got in a Elan card, but a timely Spanish First Strike threw back the Heavy Cavalry assault, and from then on I had no moves to make.

So the Spanish simply moved up and blasted the helpless Lasalle, including a leader kill, and the only a LN got away. The total lack of French left cards (until everything was destroyed, and then I drew just Left cards) meant this flank was an easy kill.

Brent then played La Grande Manoeuvre, moved 3 Foot Artillery into my ranks, cancelled my next two Command cards using the GM, and blew me away. Final score 6-1, and the winner was the Guerrilla. I hate this mechanic, just gamey.

EDIT.. score is 6-2 for campaign purposes
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