Peninsular Campaign

A chronological playing of all the official Peninsular War scenarios with a running score tally in banner counts. Command Card disparity adds banners to the lower command side equal to the disparity amount. French: Mark McG Allies: BrentS
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107 Alcañiz (23 May 1809)

Mark McG
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So we have started with a revised Guerrilla Marker rule that the Spanish can hold up to 1 GM only. This is to overcome the GM attack exhibited in the previous scenario.

This scenario sees the French Line setup for target practice, and short of a Bayonet Charge in the opening hand, the French must flee. So this I did, but a series of Bombardments ultimately destroyed 2 Line here anyway.

The French cards were rather dull, Probes, Attacks and Assaults, and after my first Hold & Shoot, the second was cancelled, and it was a long time until I say a named card again. Even worse, the Spanish cavalry sortied, and the French square on the right claimed by Assault Right card, which left 3 Left cards, and a round later, 4 Left cards. Clearly I had to assault the stronger Spanish Right. Poor recon apparently.

The French attack on the Left went off passably well, claiming a banner apiece, but was most notable for the immortal 1 strengthers that could die, but could retreat with alacricity. Once that attack failed, I pretty much stalled until a recon card allowed me to unsquared, and a Forced March on the Right started the ball rolling. The Right was always the weak spot, and once the French Line and Cuirassiers got into it, one Spanish line died, and the rest fled using La Grande Manouevre.

Here the French cavalry saved the day, positioning for the attack, and then slashing through the back line 1 strengthers, hacking into squares, and took 3 banners in a turn. French win 6-3.
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