Peninsular Campaign

A chronological playing of all the official Peninsular War scenarios with a running score tally in banner counts. Command Card disparity adds banners to the lower command side equal to the disparity amount. French: Mark McG Allies: BrentS
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108 María (15 June 1809)

Mark McG
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What a difference a new hand makes. French opening had had Bombard, Elan, Bayonet Charge. Bombardment caused losses and threw back units
Bayonet Charge across valley eliminated a unit, and weakened others. Spanish artillery on the valley was the only hold out, and was reduced to 1 strength by follow up Elan. French lost 2 LN in the attack, but the French cavalry forced the Spanish flank into square, and eliminated the Artillery and the remnants of the bayonet charge victims.(3-2)

Turning to the other flank, the French cavalry with combined arms artillery eliminated one Spanish cavalry (4-2) and damaged the 2nd. The Spanish infantry came up to assist, the Grenadiers notably damaging the Light Cavalry. A French LGM brought up the artillery, cuirassiers and a Line, and brought out the damaged cavalry. The Spanish cavalry tried a spoiler attack, but was dealt with but the combine cuirassiers and artillery.(5-2) As a finale, the Cuirassiers forced the Spanish Light Infantry into a square, and the artillery blasted them (6-2).

Allies feel that new GM rule significant and fatally weakens the Spanish, which maybe true, but hard to tell against great cards and dice. GMs even failed a few times!!!
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