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TIMELY TOPICS - Enhanced Play Logging with Bookmarklets!!!

-matt s.
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Ok, I just discovered this nifty little tool recently (YESTERDAY) that makes game play logging WAY easier. WAAAAAAAAAAAY easier. It uses 'Bookmarklets' to enable better Play Logging. Basically, it is a set of 2 bookmarks with code behind them.

What it does is two fold:
1. It provides a Player and Location manager interface where you can create a list of places you commonly play and a list of players you commonly play with.

From gallery of tasajara

Manage Players and Locations v3.1

You can go in and update all of your information at any time and it will remember it. However, it appears to store it locally so you will have to enter it separately on different computers OR use the export/import option to transfer the data (just email it to yourself as its just text)

2. It provides an enhancement to the play logging feature either from a search results page (when you click in the Plays column and get the dialog) or from the game page itself (you don't even have to scroll down and click on the Play section).

Each location and player you entered with the Manager (above) will appear as a clickable button/area that will automatically populate the dialog with the relevant information.

This is especially nice for the players as there is no more having to click New Player for each one, or remember their BGG username, etc!

From gallery of tasajara

Enhanced Record Play Dialog v3.5

Information about this nifty tool can be found in a number of places, but here's the current 'good' locations to go:

Play Logging Bookmarklet: Code Repository

Taking Play Logging Improvements into Our Own Hands (which also has tutorial information)

The tutorial is nice, BUT very detailed.

Here's the easy way to do it:
1. Go to the Bookmarklet page
2. Drag each of the 2 bookmarks to your bookmark bar (in Windows - other platforms you will probably need to copy the link, then create a bookmark, edit it and paste the link in - see the Tutorials if you need details)
3. Run the Location and Player Manager by clicking the appropriate bookmark then saving your location and player information.
4. Go to log a play and click the Enhance dialog bookmark. Voila! Magic buttons! Just click them to enter your location and basic player info. That's all I normally do anyhow (other than changing number of plays) so works perfectly for me!

Wow, so much easier!

Be sure to give to:
Jesse C
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if you like the bookmarklets

kat costa
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if you like the tutorial information.

Now go log some plays!!

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