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Random Ramblings of Gaming

Just random crap I may think about at any given point.
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Gotta be the best?

Christopher Ebert
United States
Cape Coral
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I want to start off saying I understand and respect that everyone has their own opinion and are free to play games however they see fit. What I don't like is when those people believe their opinion is fact and if you don't do it that way, you're doing it wrong. So they press on you that their way is THE way to play and any other way is garbage and makes you a "bad player"

That being said, I'm starting to get a little tired of seeing people bash others for not using the best characters or best setups.

"Why are you using THAT character?! They are the weakest in the game! You should <character> with <ability/stat> cause they are very strong, and use <character> with <ability/stat> to support them."


I've seen this happen a few times. I don't understand it. Sure, they are probably right... but what's the point? If I play that character or setup every single time cause it's the best, it'll get boring. At least to me. If all characters in a game were created equal, what would be the point of "characters". Heck, I find using the weakest character as a challenge sometimes. I don't think it matters how weak or how strong a character is, they all have a chance at winning. And when luck is involved, either as cards or dice rolls, weak characters at times can actually shine over the strong ones.

I'm not going to mention what actually prompted me to write about this, but I had a comment once saying that I must be playing with the worst players of <game> ever cause of something that happened. I don't believe that, I just feel we have different ways of playing.

Another place I do however see this ALL the time is in World of Warcraft. (The video game, not the board game) You aren't using that talent tree?! You're such a newb! The worst was with my Warrior. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to play what everyone plays cause it's "the best" or does the best numbers. I did not enjoy Fury Warriors. I had a lot more fun as a Arms Warrior. (I also hate PvP in WoW). People would get onto me all the time cause I was doing dungeons as Arms and not Fury. I didn't care though, but it did get annoying.

Why can't people let others play the characters or stats that they want? Why does it always got to be the best one? Why do you get considered a lesser or bad player because you don't pick the best?

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