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ADVENTURES IN THRIFTING - Thrift Report #3 for 2014 - Hits & Misses: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Capsela 400 and Pig Mania (aka the Makin Bacon game)

-matt s.
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Last week on Wednesday I made a stop by the Greenacres GW and found a couple of 'maybe' items including a Star Wars Clone Wars Monopoly and a Pirates of the Caribbean Life. However, I decided to pass...I've got a bunch of Star Wars stuff already I need to deal with and it didn't seem worth the effort for value. The Pirates game had some nice plastic pirate ships but at $2.99 didn't feel worth it just for those. I guess I'm going all soft.

I did notice a 'vintage' Capsela 400 (building toy, not board game) which immediately put me into NOSTALGIA mode since I had a set almost exactly like it when I was a young boy (why does it make me feel old thinking toys from my childhood are 'vintage' now.... ). And yet, I wasn't sure I was interested....until I checked for potential value on eBay and saw they sold pretty consistently and for $20 (low) to as high as the mid $50 range (and possibly higher) making it a potential HIT.

I was a bit worried since the box was bulging and one of the metal axles had migrated out of the partially opened box, but held in place by the GW added shrink....

Still, it was worth taking a chance so I picked it up for $2.99.

Once opened it was a bit of a mess, but not bad really.

Its missing a couple of connectors and the battery case is corroded and needs some cleaning, but I think its definitely workable/sellable.

So, I got it counted out, then sorted....

And finally back together properly:

Just need to do cleanup on the battery pack and test it out a bit to see if it works before selling. No, I'm not keeping it for me or my kids - there's some nostalgia but not enough to keep it at this point.

For some fun, thought I'd mention a couple of MISSES other than the two mentioned earlier.

First was Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - I thought this was just a fun pastime (ah, more NOSTALGIA) but, no, they actually made it a board game (read the wikipedia link - pretty interesting actually)! If it was NEW in SHRINK it might sell but, other than being a fun novelty....not something I need cluttering up my game room. Sorry Kevin, I still love you!

(Personal side note: Our pastor at the church I attended as a teen took our youth group to see Footloose!)

I also spotted Pig Mania, another NOSTALGIA item for me. Funny, I've found several Pass the Pigs versions in the past year, but not Pig Mania which is the actual version I had as a kid. It is (as far as I know) the only one to have the 'Makin Bacon' roll where if the pigs are touching you have accomplished this. Get it? HA! Its in the 3rd column on this image of the box back:

As kids we thought that was HILARIOUS!

(Oh, Piggy Back is pretty funny too! Oh dear!)

Later versions renamed 'Makin Bacon' to 'Oinker' which isn't nearly as funny! They also got rid of the 'Piggy Back' roll....darn censors!

Anyhow, I mentioned Pig Mania being my favorite in one of my Pass the Pigs Thrift List posts last year and someone was kind enough to send me their Pig Mania version!!! Love the Thrifters in this community! Anyhow, I didn't really need another copy of it. I suppose maybe I could have passed it along to someone else but decided to, erhm....PASS.

Well, that's it for this report! I think my hit is pretty solid but all the misses/passes distracted so I'm giving it a

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