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ADVENTURES IN THRIFTING - Thrift Report #4 for 2014 - Quicksand (fail?) and Inside Moves (aka George S Parker)

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I stopped by the Seneca GW last Friday as I was heading to Funagain (the local Eugene store - THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME BTW!!!!!! If you're ever in town, you have to go visit them!) to pick up Rampage stickers for the meeples that fortuitously appeared in a shipment the day after I asked if they had them available! WOOT!

Anyhow, I went into GW and first spotted Quicksand. It looked interesting, but maybe a little sucky. Looking up on BGG confirmed it wasn't rated high. I was still intrigued....but I passed.

I roamed down the shelves and didn't see too much. I wandered by the Hot Wheels to look for something for my son. I spotted a couple that looked decent and a stock car for me for The Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game that I've been collecting cars for. But, I was just in an 'iffy' mood and usually I don't pick up the cars unless I find something bigger of interest. And I didn't really need another stock car. But I held on to them and went back to grab Quicksand.

While deciding if I was dumping my 'finds' or not, I went to the back end-cap near the board games and spotted Inside Moves on the top shelf. It looked like a potentially interesting abstract. The box was terrible condition (water stains and such). I was still iffy.

I decided to pass. On everything. I dumped the cars and Quicksand and left.

But Inside Moves was still nagging at me. Sitting in my truck I did a quick search on my phone (lord knows why I didn't look while in the store....I'm funny that way)

It turned out the alternate name is 'Camelot' which is a tweaked and republished version of the original Chivalry game - the first official game designed and published by George S Parker, founder of the Parker Brothers company was back in 1888! Hmmm, my interest immediately went up! And, the BGG rating looked pretty good too.


Back into the store I went. I grabbed everything including the Hot Wheels.

The 'haul':


Well, Quicksand is 'ok' but kind of a bust even at $0.99 (half off) - I tested the timers and only 2 of them work properly - the rest look like they're working but I left them set up for several hours, came back and........well, they still hadn't emptied.



Not sure why I even grabbed in the first place. Such is the life of a Thrifter I suppose.

Inside Moves proved to be a bit better (well, because of it's rating). The box still sucks:

The game pieces are nifty except it is missing one small light colored piece. The board is ok.

I can't decide if that woman on the cover is hot or frightening....

Well, it was an 'ok' thrifting day. I'll give it only because of Inside Moves (aka Camelot). But that may go down after I play least I'll have some unique/interesting pieces for displaying if nothing else whistle

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