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STATE OF THE BACK ROOM - Time to clean up and clear out - Why is it SOOO Hard? (Plus, SUPER FAST AUCTION link - 2 days left!!)

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In 2012 I sold a good number of games to clear some stuff out. I actually went from 700+ games down to 400 I think. Well, I'm cheating a bit on that - I removed all the kids games and put them on a different account (except a couple I happen to really like) which dropped the count by 71. Out of sight, out of mind, right? (Besides, they only take up a couple of cupboards in the family room...they aren't REALLY there because you mostly can't see them....)

And, I removed many of the smaller expansions (there are still many on the list). Actually, I just checked - I 'own' 544 games, but excluding expansions brings it down to 471. That's still 73 expansions ferreted away somewhere. Most times I combine with the base games which helps with space. Right?

Regarding the SOLD games, the Marketplace shows I sold 118 games. I've also traded a number of games, but that didn't actually help with the totals too much (in fact, probably went up a tad as a result). Oh, I *did* also sell some games on ebay....but not sure how many. I'm sure it was a lot! Really! whistle

Oh, and I donated a bunch of games - to a couple of local schools and also to a Scout camp.

Again, I'm cheating though - because of my thrifting I don't always list those as 'owned'. In fact, I have quite a few now that I 'own' but are not listed. If I decide to keep them then I'll own them....later. So, many donations and sales were thrifted games. But many WERE games I decided to get rid of, even ones that I sort of, kind of, liked and ones that I actually liked.

It was a real struggle to get myself to sell off some games the first time through, but the more I looked and was honest with myself, the more I realized I didn't like them as much as I thought, or I just wasn't that interested in playing them, or no one ELSE wanted to play them.

The interesting thing is, once I started finding things to sell and they ACTUALLY STARTED SELLING, there was a bit of an adrenaline rush and I kind of wanted to find some more to sell!

Lately, I've been thinking of selling more off. Again. So I finally did it, I pulled all the games from the shelves, re-sorted them, weeded out a few, and put them back on. Well, the REAL problem I was having was games were starting to pile up everywhere including all over the game room table and I couldn't even play in here! I would think "Gosh, I really ought to go in there and clean it up so I can have some friends over again".

Well, last week I invited my friend Bob over. That was the motivation I needed. I had already 'cleaned up' earlier in the month for my birthday gaming weekend, but cleaning up meant 'setting up a table in the garage and stacking everything on it that was in the way so I could see and use the top of the DAMN TABLE AGAIN!!!!'

And I'm yelling because I'm overwhelmed - it's the problem of gamers like me who like a lot of different types of games and so I buy and buy and trade and buy some more until I'm OVERWHELMED with the sheer volume of games! There are SO MANY GOOD GAMES! And I want to play them ALL!

But you know, you don't have to OWN them all to play them all. At least thats what I tell myself. And then I look at each game and try to assess it. Have I played it? Will I play it again if I have? Do I want to even play it if I haven't yet? When did I last play it? Is it worth money? Is it worth a LOT of money?

All these things roll through my mind as I look over each game. And I desperately want to play them - ALL OF THEM. And then I slide slowly into the trap of thinking about how much time it would take to learn and play each and every game that I haven't played yet. Then I think about playing ALL of them - every SINGLE game I own. And I keep sliding into that time pit, that gaping hole of time that is required to get them all to the table! And my mind explodes! And I'm sad. Sad that I may not even get to play them all. May NEVER get to play them all. But I MUST keep them because I *might* play them again. Sometime. Very soon. I JUST KNOW IT.

AUCTION BREAK! Please help me out of my dire situation! Buy a game! Please!

[CLOSED] SUPER FAST AUCTION - With Global Shipping OR Pick up @ EGG in Eugene, Oregon [ENDS JAN 30TH]

(ok, I know its only 12 games - a small dent - but its a start ---- again)

Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game
Villa Paletti (Zoch Verlag 2002)
The Settlers of Catan (Mayfair 2007)
Fresh Fish
Empire Builder
Ever Green
Sagaland (original 1st edition German version of Enchanted Forest)
Cathedral WORLD (resin version with nice architectural pieces instead of simple blocks)
Yacht Race (rare/hard to find)

Anyhow, I have climbed out of pit of despair. And I'm happy again. Because I look around and I'm surrounded by games.

Look, here's what my game room looked like in May 2011...
From gallery of tasajara

then August 2012....
From gallery of tasajara

...and finally this is today. Now. January 2014.
From gallery of tasajara

Well, I'm cheating again. Because it actually looks like this:
From gallery of tasajara

Or rather, like this:
From gallery of tasajara

From gallery of tasajara

WHY IS IT SOOOOOO HARD? Oh yeah, because they're fun!

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