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Tuesday Evening Gamers (TEG) - February 8th

Gary Heidenreich
United States
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This month is Birthday Month. I self-dubbed it that years ago because my birthday is this month (duh). But, I do know many others with birthdays in February and really, what else is going on in February? It's a short, cold month.

This week was supposed to be Timm's week. His birthday was yesterday and he could have picked all the games to play but him and his dad (who also shares the same birthday) went to the Bucks game. Scott, who's birthday is on the 11th, got to pick this week instead of next week.

When Scott arrived, he brought over his copy of Fireball Island
an old, mass market game. These really sell on Ebay, apparently, and looking at the game, I can see why. The plastic, pressure molded board, the little bits, and the heavy nostalgic value. Of course, I found out they go for $$ after I passed up a copy of it thrifting. Anyways, it was the game we broke out first. Mike and I played as a team as we had five people and it only played up to four. Chris, Scott, and Kevin played, as well.

Skill was definately apparent as we started the game. It was decided that the Orange team (Mike and I) that I was the better die roller. It was then a crazy race up to the top of the mountain to grab the gem, which Scott got and made his dash to the boat waiting way down the mountain on the river. Scott had to be wary going over one of the two bridges over the gorges so he didn't take a dip in the drink. Because of that, the rest of us were able to catch up and Team Orange stole the gem and got across the bridges quickly, putting a bit of distance between everyone. It was a brutal run at the end, dealing with fireball after fireball as everyone caught up. Then with a burst of speed, Team Orange made a dash to the end where no fireball could reach. We were two spaces short when Chris' skill emerged. He swooped in and stole the gem and was one space away from the win. It was Team Orange's turn. Mike needed to roll a three or better. He rolled a two. We should have switched off to use my superior die rolling skill to steal the gem and get on the boat. Chris then hopped on the boat and drifted off with the gem.

Jeff arrived as we were finishing up the game. Scott's second pick for a game was Power Grid: China/Korea. We all have played Power Grid of some sort or another but have not played the Korea map. The board is split into North and South Korea, each with it's own market of goods. You can only purchase from the North or the South in a turn, never from both. Also, connections were more plentiful in the south than the north, otherwise it is the same game.

It was a very tight and slow game to get to 14 cities. Some of the connection costs were huge and the auctions were interesting. Got to see the 50 plant come out for the first time. We took out the purple area so things got bottlenecked between North and South. Scott put an end to the game by building to 14 cities as did everyone else, but me. I was about 3 dollars short of getting to 14. D'oh! In the end it was all tiebreakers. Kevin won by firing up 14 cities and had $63 left. Chris was second with 14-$12, Jeff third with 14-7, Mike at 14-6, Scott 14-1 and I only fired up 13 cities. I think the consensus was that the Korea board was a good one and we are all quite evenly matched in our group.

Amazingly, the Crystal Skull (Head) vodka was not tapped into. I had the shot glasses ready, it was mentioned, but the Power Grid game was too intense at that time.
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