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Deck-building games and whether or not to remain honor-bound to the randomizer

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First of all: nearly three years since a blog post?!? Geez.

My friend Matt and I played two games of Legendary last weekend, and for both games I used the Legendary Randomiser app on my Android phone. This is my favorite digital randomizer: nice layout and graphics, and the screen doesn't go black while I'm pulling everything out of the box.

Anyway, for our first game, we ended up with Red Skull and the "Unleash the Power Of the Cosmic Cube" scheme, which just happens to be the Mastermind/Scheme combo used in the beginner setup in the core rulebook. Right away, we knew that we'd win easily, and with Human Torch, Nightcrawler and Wolverine on the team, it wasn't even fair.

For our second game, Mephisto was our Mastermind, and I quickly noticed that our setup included no Marvel Knights characters, meaning we were going to get a lot of Wounds and there wasn't anything we could really do about it. After a very brief discussion, we decided that if you leave things like this up to the randomizer, you get what you get and that's part of the game. Anyway, we lost.

I guess I'm curious what others would have done here. Would you have disregarded the setup in the first game, in favor of something more challenging? Would you have switched out a character in our second setup for one or more MK characters? Or is leaving your fate up to the computer part of the experience for you? Or do you not even use randomizers?

Appropos of nothing, I also use Dominion Shuffle for Android, which gives you extensive customization options but can still raise similar questions.
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