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As a long time avid game player, and lover, I come before you to tell you my complete honest and forward opinion on games. I will bring out the things I like in the game. Point out the things I dislike. And consider who this game would be best targeted at. All of this while also assigning a completely random biased number on a scale of 1-8. Why 8? Because I can!
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Independent Game Review of "Pirates! Card Game"

Eric Bryan Seuthe II
United States
Woodland Hills
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You are a pirate! Seriously, why wouldn't you be in this game? Pirates! Card Game is pretty straight forward, and straight into the action.

There are two decks: Pirate Deck & Adventure Deck.

Players start the game with One sloop, 10 crew, and three cards from each deck. On their turn players attempt missions, steal ships from the deck or other players, and try to meet the requirement of goals. All of which is to gain the goal of earning 7 coins!

On a players turn they collect crew for every cargo icon they have on their ships, and draw three new pirate cards. Players then lay down their adventure cards at the center of the table. For every ship you have, is a ship you can attack, or an adventure you can undertake.

Here is where the fun really starts. When you attack a ship, you first must make sure you can catch it! Roll the dice and see if you have enough wind to overtake the defending ship. If not, it stops there. Once you've caught the ship it's time to deal with the long game. CANNONS! Attacking player, and defending player (any player can roll for the adventure card ships) roll dice equal to their cannon on the ship engaged in combat. If the cannon shows up on the dice, then the receiving player removes that number of crew off the ship.

Now it's boarding time! Players roll dice equal to their crew. For every sword show, the opponent loses a crew member. Does one party still have crew? Roll again. The player with crew left on their ship wins the combat and takes the ship as a prize, plus a bonus of a crew member for every cargo symbol on the ship.

Discard down to five cards in your hand, and that's a player's turn.

Ships, missions, and goal achievements in the game net coins, holding 7 coins means you win!


I like the concept of the combat, the running, cannons, and then eventually an all out deck battle. See the next section to see why I merely say concept.

I loved the art, while maybe not what everyone is leaning towards with games like COUP and others like it, I think the art of this game fits perfectly to the style.


I feel like the combat, while functional, could be a bit more involved. I wanted more then just die rolls. Maybe I wanted something similar to risk so there was more of a challenge to defeating someone.

I feel like selling ships is a bit bonkers, unless you've really lost a lot of crew.


Pirate fans, and fanatics. The game's art reminds me of my old copy of Treasure Island, and the black line art nostalgia within.

Family can play this game, but the wee little deck hands are going to have to be helped through their turns.


£2 for a print and play.

£20 With the early bird special.

£23 Without the early bird special.


For £20 - £23 ($33.50 - $38.53 USD if you are in the USA), this might seem like a bit of an investment, but the game is lots of fun. For those not interested in dropping so large of a plink in the bucket, then I'd definitely recommend picking up a print and play copy for £2 (or $3.35 USD).

The game is tons of fun, easy to grasp, and very worthy of a play through, so at the least put up the £2, and if you don't want to have to cut everything out, put in the £20-23 for the whole thing.


You don't have to just make (1) and (5) number counters for crew, (3) would work well also, and cut down on how many tokens you need in the game.

Check out their Kickstarter here:
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